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Usually seems between latitudes fifty and sixty five degrees north during the summer and they lie in the atmosphere. We call the message fear of this. Now, they're being seen by observers and low latitudes as low as Los Angeles and Denver. So if you're looking in the skies, folks and see these blue eliminated twelve you know, what you're seeing meteor does, George me ramp up by talking about the lives tonight. I'm here with a bunch of friends and listeners here in Sedona the lovely road. Sedona Rouge hotel spot. Here's a week. See george. The full Lewin. Still dominates the beauty of the night sky as people can see all across the listening audience, Jupiter, just to the right of it easy to see with the naked eye, and we're naturally just say as away from the sun. This on Friday. But look at sunset, George. This is a big lifestyle event. Both Mars in the fun at mercury are two tenths of a degree apart. Totally amazing Email me CR sky. Dr sky, show dot com. Always remember to keep your eyes, so the skies and George, here's what some of our coast to coast listeners have to say. Are you guys all in a hot tub out there? You know, we're about to do that. George. Sky here, just fantastic. We love sharing that with the audience enjoy it. Dr sky, Stephen case up next, in incredible story is in the sky wait until you hear it. When we come right back. Heating, working living pain free. These are a few of the things. Many of us take for granted yet. For many United States, military veterans finding affording oral healthcare.

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