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Meaning game i guess what are the games playoff stretch type game i don't know either way you'd expect them to do better since he thinks he's a whole lot better than what he might actually be karl anthony towns had twenty six points thirteen rebounds four sis shot tennis sixteen from the field to a five from the three point line now that's a stat line from top player on a team jeff t had fifteen points six assists shot six of fourteen over five from the three point line for the nuggets you had paul millsap not great from him three of twelve from the field twelve point seven rebounds wilson chandler had ten points five rebounds shop for ten will barton had fourteen points six rebounds six assists shot six fourteen to his seven from three point line nikolai yokich at sixteen points fourteen rebounds nine assists shot six at twenty one to six from the three point line jamal murray had twenty two points to rebound shot eighty six three six three point nine and then off the bench great game from the veteran devin harris twenty points three rebounds shot six of eleven five of nine from the three point line i really want to see the nuggets in the playoffs ir really want to see the timberwolves make the playoffs and i really want to see the pelicans make the playoffs also there was a scenario where the fender i guess could drop out when you get the nuggets in there i will be very happy with that even though the spurs if quite that plan i don't wanna see the spurs in the playoffs it is what it is i'm not hating on your team i might be who knows but either way i mean the spurs and thunder only currently game up on the nuggets so there is a scenario where we could see the nuggets making the offs all right tim wolves play the lakers today they got to win that one nuggets got the clippers tomorrow night and obviously they got to win that one i got a job which i coo the fender are playing i think it's going to be tough spurs i'm not too sure about i'm mean the spurs are pretty much unstoppable watt home so they got let's see they got three games left they have three home games left they're not losing so we'll see about it but best case scenario.

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