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The tab that says california political news and views and we welcome steve good morning steve good morning brian what a great day in america donald trump is still president all right speaking of trump we have the attorney general jeff sessions coming to california today is going to be speaking to the california police the pete california peace officers association that he's going to be giving a speech that what are the things session is really upset about as are many even of the state of california these sanctuary city policies and the state's effort to not in any way shape or form cooperate with federal ice agents when they come into the state looking for bad guys doj spa filing a lawsuit against the state of california talk to us about this well there's talk to this story the first part started uh a couple of days ago when a federal judge ruled that the president and attorney general sessions effort to stop funding san francisco uh for as being a sanctuary city was constitutional and allow that lawsuit moves ahead that means uh san francisco just lost a one milliondollar uh uh grant first police force that's the first step then the attorney general uh now gis today and we'll be announcing in this speech insect sacramento this morning three separate lawsuits against the state of california but go away against the governor of the state and the attorney general of the state now exist if you besier there are attorney general has filed thirty six lawsuits against the president and finally the president to me attorney general fighting back saying that you can't harm the people of california because you're not looking at the us constitution for the federal surpremacy uh clause of the constitution and you're trying to make your rolling laws as if california was his own state and and doing so harming hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in california and by reference people crossed the nation because our criminals migrate illegal alien criminals migrate other states good point good points were treating our elected officials here in california urge reading this state is a separate nation and as such the putting people at risk i mean steve frank i look at what happened with the mayor of oakland levy chef comes out and she puts out her declaration her warning her heads up to all the.

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