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Eyes are 2 32 the nays Air 1 97 President Trump Now the on Lee U. S president ever impeached twice. He must go. He is a clear and present danger. To the nation that we all love. Our expanded impeachment team coverage begins right now. President Trump releasing a new video again condemning last week's deadly attack on the Capitol, but making no mention that he was impeached today for an unprecedented second time. I've said the incursion of the U. S. Capitol. Struck at the very heart of our republic. It angered and appalled millions of Americans across the political spectrum 10 Republicans voting along with the Democrats in favor of the single article. Incitement of Insurrection. ABC is Mary Bruce says the Senate trial will be likely held after the president leaves office. They're gonna have to agree on the rules package. We really have to agree on how they do this. We know that Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell have been in discussion talking about This idea that Joe Biden has floated that maybe they could possibly split their time so that they, Joe Biden is able to get to work on his agenda at the same time that a Senate trial can be held. There's a lot of unknowns here with continuing coverage, the second impeachment of President Trump Dairy evolving or ABC News, Arizona Democratic Congressman Greg Stanton spoke in support of impeaching the president. Each one of us in this house took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic even up there. Enemy is the president's stand. Nance. We need to move forward as a nation but can't without accountability, which is why, he says it was good to impeach the president. Some of President Trump's strongest Arizona allies came to his defense is Congress debated the now official historic second impeachment of Trump, Katya. Where's Gabriel Dominion continues our live coverage. Why pursue impeachment just one week before he leaves office. That was the question raised by Republican Arizona Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, who describes the president's impeachment as dangerous, saying that the M page the impeachment is a political point that should not have been rushed through without intense debate. She adds that the impeachment of President Trump will have far reaching implications for the future of the nation. Reporting live Gabriel Gumming, Yoki tea or news. We'll have more on President Trump's impeachment in just moments, plus a big move by the State Health Department to get hundreds of thousands of Arizona and to get the cove in 19 vaccine. But first it's coming up on +503. And we need to check on your ride. Here's detour down in the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic Center. Thank you back your land. Here comes our only freeway. Crashed just coming in on the downtown West bound. I 10. It's seven straight crash. There. We'll get a look in a second who we do have service Street Rex already to accompany its 16th Street, north of Broadway, Seventh Street and McDowell, Buckeye, east of Central Avenue and Indian School east of Seven straight earlier, big rig that was blocking of the North bound to O to stop on freeway approaching the eye tenets cleared westbound. I 10. You do have brake lights. A lot of whole bunch of this real light slow and go, but it only adds up to a 17 minutes. Right, 51 West out to the one on one and we do have a report of a crash coming out on the Far East Valley at it. This is going to be at university and Ironwood heads up for erect their this traffic report brought.

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