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Mind but he didn't wanna do that despite i wanna kevin hunter percent of my focus as wind a little laps in in focus it make all the difference of winning losing winning losing the fight against a guy like go you only named it came to mind was my friend jess roscoe you've passed away a few months ago he was a hero of mine my good friend and i haven't really said anything on social media about it a manifestation i'm a i'm a big about visualization manifesting things and that was something i've thought about camp is like i wanna wait to pay my respects back jeff in his family by winning my by being able to pay my condolences let the world you're you know what i mean so passionately name i had in mind just ross what happened to you the alpine climber and he he he died in climbing accident alberta canada yeah he was talking this guy is larger than life man he back in two thousand three i think somebody mount everest means nineteen years old 'em were talking and this guy's phenomenal he challenged mother nature time and time again would always have these conversations you know he would tell me i'm crazy for fighting and stuff and i get i get a slight a guy the ways the same as me has the same skill set like you fight mother nature on a regular and she is mother nature is undefeated you know what i mean and somehow you go out there and challenger time and time again and you know he he i looked up to and very very very much of it was really hartberg community spokane's a small city and we rallied behind her people and you know when when we lost jacket really shook the city and i just that's the only thing i had in mind despite was like i wanna pay my respects the my friend in my hero just roscoe i'm very sorry to hear about that i'm really sorry free loss in the end i think you did just that mike you represented very well congratulations on the win my man enjoy the victory like most onto now looking forward to the next one thanks for doing this yeah thank you sir thank you thank you daniel route in as mentioned the business i love you mom diamond cubs extra protecting my nuts a love you guys go next all right yes indeed go next there he is michael kids a huge win for him on saturday over diego sanchez you're looking at some of the notable there on his reza may land today career high five take downs against the nightmare and he's down to fight winning streak at welterweight speaking of welterweight let us not waste any time let's say hello now tuesday interim welterweight champion of the ultimate fighting championship the one and only koby covington is joining does this is great kobe how're you doing great area i just wanna start off by saying so long and happy birthday i brought you a cupcake usually i'm smashing cupcakes and you see octagon but today i'm here to get a taste greatest of all time the journalism year lonnie wow what a mench you are koby see i think you get sometimes a bad rap you're really a great guy thank you for doing that that means a lot to me m i really appreciate that so it's great to talk to you and it's it's it's a good time to talk to the let's talk to you about before we get to the fight on august third i do have to ask about this weekend what was your reaction when you saw your friend for him must be done knockout ben aspirin and five seconds after you know if you go to my a interview with this guy novel graph over in england i tell you why big knock out with the needed that's exactly what he did so i'm super happy for him back on a little win streak wins in a row you know to into his last four i couldn't be happier formula now where at the top and bottom were doing things that we've been talking about the last eight years i've been living in training with that guy for the last eight years american top team in we had dreams and visions and make it a top of the mountain together and now here we are the top of the mountain so very thankful for you know avenue by my side but you know now is the time okay in obviously you have this issue if you will with ben so didn't make it even better the fact he did it against aspirin.

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