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It's good every time an end of that proves that's the smoking gun on on how many times he walked around on the lorries he added well we should we should robin lopez man hey go back to his life dave we've covered about half my cards so we'll have to do this again down the road this was fun and i'm you know i haven't really seen you much since that i gotta i gotta tell you i'm a big fan and i love to laugh and when you do this for a living near aren't very many people that could make me laugh in your one of them and i've always loved you so you know well keep it up oh sang oil nice thing bank banco yeah we we have some of the we have some fun episodes you'd enjoy listening to dave with stephen wright in einstein and people like that and buck oh yeah share with yeah yeah it summits at a tel richard lewis to get off larry david show because he's looking so cadaverous it noted bob look like jack roth the hill triggered rings on episode of her for her report apple and grow judge gradually ultimate aim must charm he looks older pay more pathetic when bob hope on afflicted in thing we'll kirk douglas outlets god bless you i wish they hadn't done that yeah it's just he look horrible a hundred one you go off one hundred one hundred thirty more like it he's line about his 80s had some work done it shows you the terrible job the gravity does on just poaching us into the mountains.

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