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Game. Here's what's. Diamond. Shane company by your engagement ring risk free with the free lifetime warranty. At Shane company, your friend in the business exclusive home of giants baseball. Seventy-nine KNB are six eighty fees sports leader, well, happy mother's day. Everybody our pre game diamond the sun is out here at the old ball park, and we've done our Hawaiian airlines winner for today. So it's been a good weekend. So far for us out here. Now time for the giants to do some damage to the Cincinnati Reds. They've had trouble with the reds this entire year and the big twelve eleven comeback and the six five win other than that the reds have had their way with the giants time effort today's X-factor factor. The game sponsored by Finnity get net, flicks YouTube Pandora music and more with expanding x one for me. And this one I think it's what we talked about with Bumgarner. And that is sort of continued to reimb-. Event himself and get the ball down watch out for those right handed hitter. One thing about Bumgarner he can give up some home runs to right handed hitters five of the seven home runs or two righties righties to eighty five against them left. He's only one seventy four and also with runners in scoring position thirteen for thirty four three eighty two against with one home run. So that is the key for me with Bumgarner today. Keep the ball down and pitch much better with runners in scoring position. This red team has been annoying for the giants this window into the game is being sponsored by Dolan's lumber and doors. Let's take a look at the opposition here..

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