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Hour reds last night. What on the road played the Padres and lost sixty to pay no attention to preseason exhibition. Baseball a final scores. They mean little here's what I I watched this game last night. I was flipping around. I was watching this watch little Murray state game last night. Joey Votto gotta hit last night. But you could tell bottles not statistically having a great spring. But you can tell by looking at what he's doing that Bado is playing with things he's playing with his worry. How he grips the bat. He's play with his swaying. He's playing with his time between pitches. He's I never really worry about Joey Votto in the spring. I know we got off to that clunker a start a couple of years ago. But I know what he's doing. He knows what he's doing more important. The other thing that struck me about that game last night Sonny gray Saudi great two innings to hits strikes out three. No walks burst outing of the spring. You could not ask for anything better from Sonny gray goes to goes to which means next outing. You hope he goes three which means next outing. You hope he goes four, which means you hope he's ready by opening day thought he play pitched well Amir Garrett threw the ball. Well, now Garrett was a little little wild with someone who's pitches or a couple that were up one of the dirt. But he throws an inning of scoreless. Hitless baseball thought he threw the ball very well and even for his rough spring as he's had Cody read through well last night in any two strikeouts. No walks by far his best outing of the spring. So even though the final score read six to the guys that most probably will be in the mix for a spot. On the twenty five man roster. I thought acquitted themselves well from pitching standpoint and Matt Kemp Matt camp. This is a guy I continue to sail be shocked if he's on the opening day roster. But danged if he doesn't have another to hit game he ever effortless. Swing on a double but easily beat out the beat the throw in the second base to for three for Matt Kemp last night guy sitting three thirty eight on the spring. So honestly, not bad not bad

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