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A broglie poli oli i believe it was the duty is who is hebron also at robots the film well right which it does resemble in some respects william joyce i love his his books i love his design work and this yeah i i i see both sides i i like manam is approval of montes pick i like the movie i don't love the movie but i really like the movie and i will say i cannot get that they might be drains version of there's a great big beautiful terror out of my head that it's like one of my top tim era and you shouldn't it will it looks like getting masterpiece coming after chicken little i will say that fourth that yes the thing about meet the robinson's which is the reason that i am let's take it is like it's so weird like you were talking to it's weird stuff going on this one senior particular where there's a dinosaur and they've like somehow like mind control the dies i remember exactly what's going on but there's the line is i have a big head in little iron old to something and this movie came out when i was ten years old and we went wild for that line is home because this we we just love down line in particular i quote to this day with no contacts blake whenever anything about a t rex is relevant we will still quote that i don't know that line in particular is just stuck in our cultural consciousness all right anita robinson's has been picked somewhat out of spite but also just out of our bryan and love and love that's good it's good brian it's your turn much like monte something that monti said makes me needs to pick this movie because i am going to make the deal with weird octopus woman the first movie i ever saw in a theater when i was a little cared little eddie brian was the little mermaid and 89 earth nickel film boys this movie this movie means.

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