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My house well. But, no one thing that got me through. It's it's this and it's. It's actually a at. It's our startup and I've been taking like somebody who people of roughly for me to get my hands on sixty pound bag of bread flour. Otherwise because you couldn't buy it in store, so I had to call my supplier. One hundred sixty pounds of flour delivered smokeout believe it or not, but. This is started, actually started it. In November But in the middle of the pandemic, my daughter died. This is a new one. This is this is. Getting me through on banking pretty much every other day off a loaf of bread, and that's getting spur. Wow, well, Padma and Tom after telling so many chefs to pack their knives and go. It's time to sharpen your blades. 'cause I want an honest read on this season chef, Testi- it's time for all stars in their eyes. I, have questions choose your answers from the bobbing heads of the final six shops. Melissa Brian Stephanie Kevin Gregory and Brian Malarkey okay of those six people who prepared the worst dish this season. Would you say maybe Stephanie? Of. What was the dish? I don't remember but I know that she was. To the bottom a couple of times. who were you surprised to see? Go as far as they did that happening. Where about you Tom, yes, definitely I mean. She was up and down the whole talk retire. Challenges, she on a winning team meeting meal off. She got through, but she's she's. Going back to the first question, not particular despot Kevin completely bombed his restaurant was. Trying to be bonded and and Just. In there is really no use because the meal was pre. restaurant wars was actually attack. Who Were you? Most certain would make it into the final three of this group final Taj. Melissa and battery, but also you know Pavin as well but Tom's right when they had to do the pitches or the the restaurant wars is neal was far security what we got actually on westbound? If.

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