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Yeah i can see thirty year old chick no you can't from the oath three bronx era our facebook ended up on facebook one probably there's no way all right let's let's keep going oiseaux sick and he berra's pause yeah we gotta start putting a limit on the niggers that could this me just can't be there i know i know the pumping joke of cool my watch those beverage can this let's keep coming dot his outfit died at that salad you're talking about he's got the whole story fresh fucking opinion from a nigger who may pump it up i really loaded that shotgun and pumped it up how you wanna drop thirty five hundred foot his button up so when sex get the blazing i'm dressed for the time out how much you spend on your way before you answer that do you think that the bit foil rail in glove in a button up and as itself thirty five hundred let's let's keep it real and we as rogan thirty five dollar button where's l rogan thirty that's what you know how you know he's not getting thirty dollars good he dropped vat number in the song that was wow third bronx money that was the wild spend out you can't you can't guess bullshit that's mad five thousand dollar christian audit j button up how much is that burger fucking baby shower shirt another violent slow in this little all right let's get back just guy.

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