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All right, art, a big blue blob heading our way in a hit here around eleven o'clock. Okay. That's going to go through the night. And depending on where you live you'll either have maybe one to three inches here in the city north and west you could have more depending on how far north and how far west you are. And it will go to about nine AM all you'll still be sleeping. I'm sure because you like if Tanner sleeping on Saturdays right tannin, excuse me are going to sleep in on Saturday. Yeah. Good for you. I'll be up at seven o'clock when my son starts knocking on my forehead like it's a door. Remember those day. Daddy, talked to me. Liam says to me or were they when they pull open your eyelids. That's always a favourite. They don't seem to care very much that you're in a very deep. Oh, yeah. They want pancakes. Oh, yeah. Now, the good news is the pancakes. All right are microwavable the frozen eggo, forty seconds slop on some butter syrup, literally within a minute. You've served a great breakfast. And it's good. They're not horrible pancakes. Right. And they know those to be you know, that you've made those from scratch all they know exactly. And then on Saturdays. We do go to donuts store, we call it Duncan. Right. So they get that. I'd pick up the dry cleaning. We drop off some other clothes in ways. Right. Go to the dog store at the dog a bone. He comes with us. So Saturdays are are nice. But I wouldn't mind sleeping until I used to get in at seven. Now. I'm getting up at seven. Yeah. Yeah. No, the walk of fame. Lease shame. I think you mean thick now with me it was thing. Now, I'm very proud of it. You're proud of it. Fell asleep at a friend's house. I it's not what you think longtime ago. Yeah. Two thousand four I think anyway. So this this story is just particularly disturbing. There's no other way to put it NYPD morning. Police officers about a possible threat from MS thirteen gang, particularly when they're off duty. That's the thing. All right CBS's stick Brennan likes to ski no deck. Nice guy reports that in a bulletin that the NYPD put out this alert quoting members of MS thirteen are looking to hit NYPD police officers specifically in the Brentwood central Islip area as well. In other parts of Long Island as well. A patch? So Bolton says the gang members would carry out the attacks on off duty officers in order to gain streak read. So this could almost be like an initiation type of thing. What a horrible thing. Right. Yeah. I mean, you're in the comfort of your home. You've obviously most these guys probably have families, of course. Right. So then the it might be looking at target police. Yeah. They're doing reconnaissance on their private residences. And that's the thing now on the internet, and you could look up things a little easier. And I think you could probably look up, you know, if you bought a property, you're putting a name it all the property owners. That's what's really scary. They can look up on the internet to be taken down though. I mean, I would think if you're law enforcement that hey, look is you might want to take this down because nothing has MS thirteen just in general police officers that should not be revealed. I agree. Right. So they have one FBI agent. Manny Gomez whenever a law enforcement officer is being threatened especially by an organization like MS thirteen which we already know is Uber violent is killed numerous people throughout the country. If not throughout the. This has to be taken seriously. So hopefully, everybody is is on high alert clearly, and I'm sure these guys know how to defend themselves. But if you know again, if you're Bush. I don't know really what to do here. So. Well, and then they put this out. They put this message alert out, which means message to that me. Oh, hey, we know that you're on you're doing this. You're right now, we're on the element of surprise. We are exactly we are onto you. Right. I don't even. Yeah. Most MS MS thirteen gang. Members are legally in this country. Mm. Same. Anyway, not about that not about that. Not at all. So Bob Kraft is he gonna get off. Emily Smith has. Every time you just saying that article in the post about that. And she she says look at it, and some people some of our callers actually earlier talked about that that said, look, you know, he crafted got into this Asian spa or courtroom. Yeah. Ached of Asia's spa. I have a poster of. It day spa. And they said, look, you know, could it have been an entrapment because he got in there. And you know, why didn't they just take the sing down? They they've down day being the law enforcement take the Despouy down because they knew that they that people were going in there and going in this getting this illegal going to get this illegal illegal activities. They want a big fish like craft because he apparently a driver drove up in a Bentley blue Bentley which doesn't stand out at all, right? Maybe they saw that. And thought something else was going on besides the rub in the tug. Who being the law enforcement no pulls up to the right to star placing a strip mall. You're probably thinking exchanges going on just me. Right. Right. Right. The law enforcement had been there way before craft they'd set up a whole they thought this was human trafficking. So they'd set up. They had set up a sting basically on this place, and they weren't just after craft. They were interesting to try to get as many people as they could. And so what people have said our callers amongst them. Couldn't this be law enforcement entrapment because they kind of set this up for a long time. Why didn't they just take this down when the first couple of people came they didn't need to keep it ongoing. Good point. And my point is that that is kind of what happens in sting operations is they keep them going for a long time to get more and more people and the net just gets wider and wider and wider. And then this case it you could say qat trap. You dare defense lawyers are going to say entrapped craft. But I do not think that is going to get him off. Do you think that when craft was arrested? Ryan. Or when you know, he he learned to this. Do you think he told the authorities? I'm really rich and just baby tried to bribe him in some capacity. That's what I would have done. Konczal, my gosh when you get when you when you get arrested, please this could be at this point. Already already passed if. You think the thirty nine year old girlfriend of Kratz Seventy-seven right will use this now as an excuse to get out of this. You know, probably painful relationship. I don't you wouldn't you just assume this is your excuse to get three point three billion dollars. Right. Fifty percent know this girlfriend. They're not married that sucks. That's right. He's widowed. Yeah. He's pretty just use the excuse like, I'm not ready to do that. Again. I would do. So she can't get anything out of there. They're not legally down. Now that sucks. That would have been fun here. Let let let me let me just.

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