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He was born in Corpus Christi Texas Corpus Christi Texas and he was born he just simply says after ten AM but before noon okay took a long time for him to come see the world okay Corpus Christi okay now I need you on the phone earlier fallen off their yeah I'm here there you go okay it hold on tight thank bear with me this is live redial or not okay so June twenty nine of sixty two this person is not necessarily in a clear cycle yet it will develop several years from now the this person has an enormous again a focus on group team this has been a kind of common theme with a lot of the people group work team work community work global war work sun sign cancer very psychic for three other asteroids there the person who should be working with women or helping women and also this person has a Virgo rising probably the the rising we don't know the exact time so that's a little bit speculative but the truth is is that this person is not in a cruise cycle necessarily however he has career energy is built into the birth chart which can give him kind of strange and his annual cycle of being successful in the world is springtime into summer are there are cycles that are good or bad yeah I mean it's because this is the important thing people realize you might study astrology supposedly Venus and Jupiter the good guys I can the cowboy movies of the white hats and Mars and Saturn traditionally with the bad guys of the I was wearing a black cat but then a lot of positive sterling qualities from Mars and Saturn depending on what side of the room with relationship they have to each other in other planets Venus and Jupiter are usually helpful they're good they're considered pretentious and benevolent however you can you can overdo a good thing so there is no kind of cook the kind of thing where certain planets are always in the favor one not everything has to be looked at it's like medicine again or war or anything else you have to look at the person you have to understand the individual chart and not go to some kind of cookbook approach that this planet is good with that plan it is that how would you rate astrology compared to let's say numerology okay this is an important subject numerology I know you've got the numbers lady she is wonderful numerology a user myself the power of numbers you go back to the factory every single celestial bodies that one degree or another out of three hundred and sixty degrees everything all the things that we have learned in geometry that's astrology patterns stars I angles oppositions all kinds of configurations in the heavens all with different numbers but numerology for instance your name analysis of the first letter of your first name or the year vibration of the day you're born they're powerful they're easy to talk about because there's certain archetypal energies well I must say it is much more superficial in general than full fledged astrology astrology is a vast type of energy field now there is a lot of depth to numerology on certain level so you don't want to disparage it but compared to astrology and all the things that go into astrology it's it's like a completely different field all right let's go back now let's go to August eighth nineteen sixty five will give you a little head start there are eight eight sixty five we're going to Perry he was born in Hammond Indiana welcome to the program thanks for holding thank you you're so welcome George background yes that was of warning to thirty in the afternoon on that day now let mark are you that I don't want to say one quick thing sure my mom was in labor for eight hours oh my god were you the first born in the family for her yeah in the land if you didn't want to have any more kids after that can you blame her all that really well yeah you're at a grocery store well I have that is the that may seem like a long time and I know somebody in my own family who had thirty plus hours from start to finish so you never know how it is painful yeah and so it depends on each person and so on okay August eighty five around two thirty in Hammond I thank you what fifty five or sixty five nineteen sixty five yes sixty five okay well with that I'm going to quickly do something here sorry you had your job I've just the tree for me George I've never called in the the thrall of your before on your ship are you going to have some fun go ahead mark yeah this is within a second okay yeah not quite as regards ever hit and all absolutely not be banned Perry I'm getting better every day good arm your site or okay well basically being a son finally all the state again bring numerology eight eight I have an extended family member was born eight eighty young child so you got double eight there that's powerful Leo the key thing about being a son finally and you're not necessarily at this moment in a career cycle but you're you're tired of your birthday and just before your birthday so every year is a good career cycle per year but as far as the bigger cycle you had that a number of years ago and so at the moment I'm not saying that you have an enormous career boost happening in Jupiter and Saturn are moving in the bottom of your chart it's more of a journey to the center of the earth your sun sign Leo the keynote is to be compassionate and magnanimous and loving and kind rather than to focus on yourself and your own needs so there's a healthy balance in these happen here but you've got some really good money making energy in your actual birth chart you invested with Jupiter which is which can be a money making influence connecting to other people through corporations are businesses and so on and you also the Capricorn moon which is like my dad in other lifetimes somehow or another in the last five time you were in a position of responsibility you work very hard in this life it's kind of a subliminal instinctual nature to be put in positions of power if that's what you want you the good energy of Leo sun Capricorn moon for being a leader somewhere in the world or in your area good luck can they keep fighting the good fight mark since you've been doing this the name you've been doing that for well over forty years technically you talk about the use of a computer now what did you folks do forty years ago why this interesting experiment you know what I if we were talking forty some odd years ago without a computer to make sure that I know with the sun this is all astrologers not just me you had to use what was called at an ephemeral writes a book and a table of houses you had to know the longitude and latitude to all these calculations someone give your birth time and you have to figure out the times on the city and was a little boy his thing it would take a long time and you'd have to draw it out by hand to put each with the symbol for the sun the symbol for the moon and some of the planet he had to get it done and understand this and read and study and it didn't happen until the nineteen eighties that we started getting software of any kind and it's been remarkable from the nineties and and on the last twenty years this is fantastic what we have now so in spite of the fact that I'm pushing you now on the year there's no way forty years ago you could have done this well the only thing I could have done was this is what I would have done I would had the book there's a Bible so to speak of astrology it's called the ephemera it's every day see I could be doing that now but it would be approximately would be able to do the right inside it wouldn't be able to do the chart but I could quickly open the book okay let's say whatever the August eighth person just called I slid to the book and I quickly look at that I wouldn't know the rising sign I wouldn't be able to tell whether it occurs cycle but I would have given them like a sudden find guidance or whether moon was a maybe America Venus and say something about their natal chart that could have been done at that point or at any point hi lighter something a little highlight and one thing that to be totally clear what I'm doing now is helpful it's certainly not the in depth kind of thing and of course in the website we have like fifteen kinds of reports and people can see sample reports of famous people before they choose to do anything and those are really great people at home are born on the same date that we give you despite the time generally is is whatever you tell this person going to be the same for them saying here if it isn't you see them what I just told the previous person moving Capricorn is not true so that person born are at on August eighth of that particular year is Leo any person born on August eighth is a Leo okay so they all have the solar energy that's the key thing of character or individuality hello the past to personal white men or their soul spiritual energies to some extent but the mood is more psychic it's more emotional it's connected to the mother to family to child to two instincts and the moon changes every two and a half days so that will be different with every year and certainly will be different even two days after that same year of a previous guide they'll be a different moon in Aquarius for two or three days after he was born next up may second nineteen eighty one may second nineteen eighty one we go to Ryan was born in Pasadena California that day west of the Rockies hello Ryan welcome to the program right I was born at eleven seventeen PM eleven seventeen PM on may the second of nineteen eighty one Mr Lerner putting in the time time is important yeah okay here we go no no eighty one Sagittarius rising which is the galactic center were there is what all the stuff that we've now learned of telescopes about a black hole which is really an enormous energy source and you have Neptune on the horizon which is a psychic plan of creative imagination you can always use that on any level for the good for helping people through art and music or some kind of entrepreneurial area the one challenge of having Neptune so strong is watching out for confusion making sure your communications with other people are crystal clear but there's a lot of idealism in your birth chart now of course your sun sign may second is horror so that's what I just said is the opposite of your sun sign your sun sign is saying you got to be practical down to earth deal with money and business so the you and your connection with nature is a really big deal you have a lot of tourists Mars sun Chiron which is a little planet between Saturn Uranus discover nineteen seventy seven that's in Torrance and you have a mercury Venus conjunction Taurus you've got a lot of tourists and you've got a lot of libra which is another Venuti inside so both fundamentally Venus and Neptune alright love friendship creative ingenuity that's a big part of your life and according to your time you're also not necessarily in a career cycle in the highest level you weren't like a number of years ago but your your main time to be successful in in an annual way is in the summer and the fall that's when the sun moves over the top of your chart so people again mark how they can hear your podcast well the good a greater enterprises W. 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