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The doctor's guide show captain Jim Lovell on olestra mountains made for very significant flights hopefully that the people listening to the young people are getting a good education got a problem in space that it was a pleasure to be the doctors guys show lots of quality and Dr Edgar Mitchell Apollo fourteen astronaut after the moon in nineteen seventy one to the from our area on a puddle fourteen with commander Alan Shepard affair commander Russian who would recommend larger problem and have a lunar module pilot in nineteen seventy one and you're listening to the doctors specialists side Charlie Duke yes man to walk on the moon on Apollo sixteen in April nineteen seventy two and it's a great thrill of being on and listening to the doctors guy show hi I'm Kelly Walker the shuttle astronauts first commercial industrial astronaut in space and your listening to the doctor as we continue here on the doctors solution indeed we also talk about the great realms of aviation and hard to believe that in nineteen oh three and then today that technology has advanced so rapidly since the Wright brothers first flight to amazing hypersonic and for all of you in the Asian fans out there Dr Stein corporate is proud to have a full relationship with another great website our sister website for aviation covering air shows in space and so much more visit photo recon and in the world of whether you do indeed talk about that very important subject here to everyone in Arizona a state that has some of the most intense temperatures on the high skill throughout the entire year obviously and other great weather phenomenon that you tell us you like so much here on the doctors important information is always from the realms of astronomy space aviation and weather and.

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