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Hi Everybody we have a really really great show today for change and senator former senator Bob Kerrey former governor Bob Carey is here former well. No you're still medal of honor winner right. You're always will be recipients is correct yeah so you don't win it. You don't have a contest for the former president of the a new school. That's correct which doesn't sound like a real school. I know it is very good. Yeah okay so so. Let's do some chronological stuff. you went to Vietnam. You are navy seal. Yes that's very disciplined blend group right that the the B. N. Navy seal. You've got to be able to do white how many push ups. I don't know I forget you have to hold their breath underwater for like three minutes I can go beth is entire show to know that okay and you got the medal of honor all I I remember reading about it was climbing some cliff right wall shear wall to save some of our your man. That's close enough right yeah okay and then you get that okay well. Thanks thanks for your service. Well thank you. Oh Yeah as you lost the that was that's what got injured right wounded injured and it actually it gave me maybe the most important learning experience so I spent eight months in a in a hospital on a Naval Hospital in Philadelphia and learned a lot. What did you learn an awful well first of aw by had to be grateful because you know it was a government run hospital? The government say Malibu almost killed me to begin with but then say my life so okay and is is this is this a Va hospital naval okay and I learned a lot about the importance of volunteer effort because a lot of volunteers came in and out of the hospital you know offering to help us in one way or the other and then I learned that if I wanted to get anything done had to ask for help for a long time I had asked practice. Go the bathroom so and and seal team it you yes she operate as a team but in some ways you're taught to be the real men don't ask for help well well. I learned to the hospital real men do so it was a very important lesson for me it normally when I guess you know have an expert on on I'll have Ernie Mo- knees on climate and the Iran deal gang I'm just going to we're going to go all over the place with you on that an expert any that's right right at us a great senator okay so let's let's talk about the debates debates specifically you ran for president in ninety two. That's correct ninety two and so you've been in these primary primary debates. Have you okay how many were in the ones that you were in. How many candidates five that seems to be about right yeah? Look Benia have ten people on a state. It's not really a debate because you got even with the impossibly long one hundred and eighty minute debate give the moderator fifteen miniature down. Each candidate is going to have to what I think. He was just interrupted me. They're all going to have twelve to fifteen minutes. Talk really knew where you're going. You didn't we're GONNA finish that thought okay Jesus getting spooky. This is what I think when you have that many Eh and you're given a minute weren't they given a minute like further I answer well. Take the total amount of time mm-hmm that all the candidates gets about one hundred and sixty minutes right one hundred sixty minutes divided by ten is sixteen minutes each if they if they apportion equal and they don't and so you I wanna make a statement of some come. You're not really debating. Maybe got a challenge Biden. Maybe going to challenge Kamala Harris. We we'll have a an effort to try to move up in the polls against one person person or another but you're not really debating healthcare. You're not really debating foreign policy. You don't have enough time and the structure doesn't lend itself so to call her debate. I think is inaccurate. It won't don't feel like a debate until you get down to three or four or five candidates and even then it won't feel like a real debate and tell us whoever the nominee is up against trump you get about about a minute for a question and then that means you want to pack as much into that minute. This is my theory of why the debates are almost unwatchable trouble because you wanna pack as much into that minute as possible. That's your minute on this. I so you know that and so you and your team craft a minute answer that really should be a minute thirty minute forty of information that you just put into a minute by talking really fast and memorize the shit out of this thing and it's impossible to listen to it's exhausting and and also when you're memorize hi something and just you know it sounds like talking points no matter how eloquent it is I would like to see some people out there some of the candidates out there I I'd like to see some room to go after trump but they will when when the debate is with trump they'll go after trump well yeah but they'll be three debates with trump. Those will be the debates but but but we're trying to determine who our nominee is it would be nice nice to know which nominee will do best in those debates. I thought that debate were where they spent. Twenty minutes twenty minutes on whether or not a single payer plan should or shouldn't have a private health insurance. It was quite an intense argument we should be talking one forty seats in the house on healthcare and it was because Republicans were supposed to repeal and replace remember that they said they would do that for seven half years. Okay they win and sixteen ecksteen. They have the whole government what they do. What what have you been doing for the last seven whatever you come up with apparently nothing and they they come up with a plan that twenty million people lose their health care and and there's no there is not protection for people with preexisting condition people suddenly learn what's in the a CA finally and they go we like this and we're not gonNA vote for Republicans who are voting take away our projections and then he doubles down trump doubles down as a lawsuit right? That's correct. Why not talk about that well? They did kind talk about that. I mean the problem is again. You're all the agree that we need to do more than we're currently doing all of them. I mean there's going going agrees that we should get to universal yeah and they all agree that that the starting point is the affordable healthcare act burning. Let's go further than all all the rest of them. I Guess Elizabeth Warren and Kamala signed pretty much onto what he wants to do. so it's a has not as not okay so she was she did it first and and then she changed she she's now has a ten year ramp up to it which is probably it would take complicated implicated to go from the system. We have now to single payer would be very very complicated. It's traumatic to go yeah. I mean first of all you have to answer the question Do you think the deficits gonNA matter. If you have a Democratic president in the answer's Yes republicans don't care about the deficit and then funny. Isn't it funny. I mean if you're if you're an American who cares about the the deficit. You should want to have a democratic president because every single Republican will be born again to saying Barna trillion dollars to what you were doing this year to make the budget that that's a problem Emma and now it's not a problem now. They sort of well it isn't it. Isn't you know let me open up an worn all vote for your tax cut so it seems to me what you're getting in general and and I think it is watchable. You're getting in general of presentation. The American people that whoever the Democratic nominee is wants to do more on healthcare sees it as a particularly the cautious the real problem wants to do something about climate chains cares about income inequality me you're getting I think broad brush you getting differences between the various candidates but I think kicked me in the last debate. You get a presentation that the Democratic Party you can say it's too far to the left at that one way or another but I don't think it's out of mainstream thinking of the American people. I don't think it's at a mainstream thinking either. I think people a great little you. You were President of new school so so let's say four year college yes okay. Let's talk about this free college thing I have this theory that affluent people should pay for college the kids with affluent parents Felicity Hoffman's and if you have enough money to you know get your kid in under false pretenses you should be able to pay the full boat okay but we are making it so hard for low income and lower you know moderate moderate income people do go to college you know when I go around Minnesota and talk to students. I'm talking to people that kids that are not in in school fulltime. They're not in school fulltime at all 'cause they're working forty hours a week to pay for college in the pay to live you've and that's why we have so mu- so many his failed graduate this is one of the things that creates wealth inequality if you look at the household income and how it correlates with the sat score and the that's where the rigging begins ends because there's an absolute upward curve as income goes up because you can afford to hire tutors and so forth you're gonNA get more time to be able to get a higher also so your parents day of had a college education or graduate school education but I also think I also think that part of the problem is I said. We've been very difficult if you said to me I've got a billion dollars and I want to start a college. I'm wondering to regionally accredited. You know it'd be easier for her to go out and start a heart transplant center get to get the regulators to approve. We've limited supply and then we'd dramatic massive amount of demand primarily with with debt and number surprise the prices go up beyond the rate of inflation. We really are not forcing the kind of innovation that we ought to be forcing into higher education for just one little innovation say the colleges. We're going to hold you responsible for half of the debt. Make it be recourse. I get all the cash you borrow money and go to the new school. I get the cash from the alone. Why not put me recourse for half the darned day so so the school yeah pays the kit happy? I will do two things if you're one of my students and I'm I'm going to be record umber one. I'm GonNa make sure you take some courses and increase the chances. You're going to get a job when you get out of college and secondly. I'm GonNa make sure you graduate because the guys that have the most was trouble with that or the ones that don't finish so I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that you graduate. I'm doing everything I can to make sure that you take courses that increase the chances you're going to be able to pay off that debt and right now. You don't right now. You'd basically 'CAUSE I. I'm harmless as university or college. you know come after me. If my students can't pay back their debt I told you before we when I do a good Bernie you I do a good burning so a guy from the OECD comes to testify GonNa tell your listeners who had oecd he stands for the Organization of economically developed countries but that's not what it stands for something like that but it's basically the US Europe Europe Japan Chile you know it was Australia right we used to be number one in the percentage manage of our adults who have graduated college and I think this was they're going into the cohort that was under forty we now now gone to ninth ninth and so the guy from the OECD. We're trying to figure this out why this is so and so burning goes like I I imagine that the cost of college I it here in America is is part of why I would not graduating as many kids as you do in your let me ask you this to go to college in say Germany how much does it cost and the guy from the OCD goes in Germany. You'll go to college for free. Okay well how much the cost say in France and the Guy said Ian Francis also free how about Sweden in Sweden they pay you to go to college now. Also rigorous examinations determine who gets to go to college said Bernie support that does Bernie support saying only twenty percent percent of high school graduates going to be able to go to college and.

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