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Use it for life bitch moving. Oh you should show but now would on its own state he s. It's yacht inside mark you. I've imprinted on the twilight. Your shed by dream pass. Did you get it. I'm afraid of a move by here is so thin was at this point that if i'm mail more of mike now in the t. i mean let's see affair. You is territory hunting so cold. And now i wrote dick okay. Let's go next. What's next aggressive. No-one commits quite like toys. Valley I know. I have to let you go and i head shocks. What so tori spelling. In addition to being hilarious dazzling resilient prolific honest like iconic legendary start has hedgehogs. But i was scared. Show them are the illegal. A lot of things we've done today are illegal. Yeah okay so. I was like do i say they're rescues are they're just like vintage or like because that clears everything you say like. Hey that was vintage like it's vintage. it's okay it's okay to have it. I am i wrong and my ross. Were visit the leather. Yes i try to only buy leather. If it's vintage it's like the things been dead for forty yes same. You know what i'm saying and it's just you know buy yes that's a whole thing. Okay so i've never seen a hedgehog. I have albino one. I've never touched a hedgehog. I don't. I'm like like this. Is that story. You told when you're like get someone white on here i brought you albinos they're white hedgehogs. God that was an open okay. We have gloves. Ready wasn't look of my dad. Another good and there's dead swim chic pink gardening gloves. All they hit some prick. Okay that is a stuffed animal. Okay disowns fate tweets. Fair is a fake hedgehog in here. And i was like that if she thinks wolf first of all. I saw the fake hedgehog. And i was like. Oh no one's told tori spelling that that's a stuffed animal and i was like this. I was like i was like this is what happens to really really famous people as they don't know the truth anymore and i'm gonna after spring and on her that pooped from shore them right before we came here. That's why my daughter. Authorship do they shake this but Once you have them is our they to hedgehogs in here. I brought a towel just in case. I don't care about this. i don't care about shit are they. Do they like people now okay. Is this an upsetting experience for them. Okay there's a hamburger in here what they eat cat food. Should i do to gloves honeys under the belly. Hi baby week. that'll hurt. You wanna put your other club on my god hiring. What's this one's name. Hedgehog trunk one. They don't have no not yet hi.

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