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The whole thing. How'd you like that? Oh, man. Oh, man. Devonte Adams is next up. Hey, pal. He had some talking mother is in ST Louis. You know what you might need to keep that around. Just say Don't sleep on the N l. The the heat of an NL central rivalries. Those guys hate each other. What's that about? They all hate each other, just that Middle America supposed to be the Midwest. Nice Miss Midwest. Well, they're nice to add a town folk like pirates and the Reds of brawl. The Cardinals and the Reds are demand the Reds fight everybody. It's just everybody's cardinals. The Cubs are trying to be cuddly, but But don't you feel like the Cincinnati Reds are always in fights. Like every season, the Reds got something to mixing it up with somebody. I'm with you, man. I think it is the most brawl. I think it's the most everything about Johnny Cueto back when he was like throwing kicks and stuff for behind the plate. It was like they had some talking mother didn't ST Louis is a great call by Murph to It gets nuts in the Central. And what happens? Who are the Cubs? Biggest rival? The Cardinals be, I guess, right? Yeah, For sure that the Giants Dodgers, buddy. Yeah, He, um You know, Trevor Bauer did a V log or a vlog on The Reds Cardinals Yadi, remember? Yeah, he got into a Castellanos. So those cardinals Red cardinals friends earlier this and that's what this is too. Well, we got some blank talking mother, Blankers. So Bauer called it earlier that this is gonna go on and their move, baby, Get your popcorn for cardinals Reds actually don't have time to get to the value will do the cooler later in the show. Should I be alarmed? Like, what are we walking into in ST Louis? Like, you know, I mean, you might need to keep that cut around. We have some talking mother. In ST Louis. I might need months throughout the show more insane, Lowman. And at worst, I mean, biggest smack talk from a Canadian ever. Yeah, but these Canadians, so they, don't They? They they speak softly, but they all carry the big stick. Dude, they're always one of the pats big things. He always thought Canadians were actually way more dirty and violent than they are all the leaves. Yeah. Once you drop the gloves, it's over. That's the manners. Go right out the window. Yeah, Nick,.

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