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In saint louis we'll go over there comes the second one i was just going to talk about was the cleveland indians and the walkie brewers corey kluber against wade miley kluber five and one with a nice to four one zero race he's pitched very well picking up right where he left off last year wade miley wanna know with a one five era as he completed that sweep of the reds last week for the brewers and did not how nice quality start for them they're he's lefty against kluber the writing all right the other another of the five you know the series going on so weekend twins and cardinals in saint louis jacob rizzi against carlos martinez odori is looking for his third win in the year he's with a four ten year aid martinez looking for his fourth win he's three one with the one point for era another one in pittsburgh and white in the white sox pirates and the white sox will be going von nova against lucas julieto there in the south size acog oh it'll be the angels and the rockies as there's the other there's the other interleague series has it'll be angels and rockies and andrew heaney against john gray gray with three and four with a four nine ninety or a hand he looking to get his down as well she's one of with the five three one year ray so yeah we have the twins and twins and cardinals brewers in indians pittsburgh pirates and the sky white sox and then also the angels and rockies all in league series going along in the second game as that game in houston oakland series and houston versus houston astros and as lance mccullers junior going against shaman who's still got that you're a down nicely said he's still pitched pretty well since that no hitter and he'll be pitching against mccullers whose form one with three seven three era gets an maniaci has a four three record himself with an ice one point six three era.

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