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The thing was consuming me. It was consuming. Everything i was about and i didn't like it. I didn't like the direction. I was headed and simplified my life and i was like. Oh my god. I wish i could do that. Like don't you get a panic when you can't find your phone's all like you're right and if you're anything like me you've probably left it in the bathroom. Where's this thing. I know it somewhere. You know you're. You're you know that. The chris rose rotation features. A nicasio us. It's part of the john boy media network. We have tweeted out a link to the youtube page at molecular this is. This is a question that you could probably. We could probably spend the next twenty minutes talking about. I'm i'm not gonna not gonna keep you that. But just the general direction of this sport which competitively economically culturally in many respects. Feels like it's if it's not approaching a crossroads there where gimme some thoughts on. Just the the overall just state of the game the state of the sport words going where it should be going and frankly where it should not be going. Well okay. i've got a few thoughts on it. I don't think we've ever had better talent under the age of twenty five and we have right now. I really believe that. I think group of players and players that are marketable and fun to watch on a daily basis. Numbers are huge there. It's great so. I think athletically like where we are. I don't think all of them are amazing baseball players. But i think that's part of the fault of of the teams and how guys are being off. I mean that's one thing we talked about with. Nick was anything he said. Basically there's one swing plane being taught like that's not the way the game's played because it's such a situational sport like usually ground ground out the second with nobody on doesn't help anyone aggrandize.

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