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I was hospitalized on multiple occasions because I had respiratory issues I headed respiratory condition, guard leasing, and anything triggered it pollen grains. Pollution or even dust and within seconds I would find it hard to breathe. I would make this shrill sound through my lungs because of my attempts to literally breathe. The Senate. Swirling for. Energy. Throughout. The base of the spine to the crown of the head. Worth thousands of. This ancient wisdom has been can stop master to disciple what are the functions of these energy centers and Cook these chuck help you unlike your destiny and find your purpose. Welcome. Center chocolate and now your host A. Giant Kumar. Ever since which urine witold that we need a lot of oxygen to survive were to breathe in deeply so that we can get enough oxygen oxygen has been touted as life giving gas that US earthlings can art survive without but is this entirely true or is there more than meets the eye on today's episode we're going to explore this very interesting and profound dodig, and by the end of this episode, you will actually understand in a very simple and easy manner how you're breathing translates to more energy deeper relaxation. Oh mind and better hilt. But before I, continue our request you to please hit the subscribe button on your phone especially if you're on an iphone. Something to the podcast algorithm that ensures that people who wouldn't normally see this episode Ashley come across. So please hit the subscribe button right now. All right. So before we dive deeper I, think we need to take a few steps back and understand how energy is produced in the body from a scientific perspective and this is really interesting when you breeden. You're taking oxygen which goes down your throat into your lungs and into your bloodstream. The oxygen then binds to the him global in your blood cells. Now, the oxygen is then transmitted into the mitral. Contra. And if you remember lessons from school, you'll remember that it is the powerhouse of your cell and through a chemical reaction the Oxygen Burns with the glucose in the cell to form Energy Carbon Dioxide and water vapor, and then when you breathe out. You exist the governor dockside along with the water whip. The energy is then transmitted to wherever it is needed in your body. Isn't that amazing? All of this happens between your in him. An exile. Now oxygen can be likened to fuel that Burns to release energy too little fuel and you really can't start a fire and what happens when they're stu much fuel. Well, there could be a fire or literally an explosion. So what do you think happens when for some reason, you inhale too much of oxygen. You can't be good for you. Right. It turns out that it actually isn't just like when you expose I n to air for long periods of time, the oxygen in the atmosphere reacts for the through a process that is called oxidation to cause rust in the same way when you breathing too much oxygen or a period of time that can lead to oxidative damage in your body. In your disuse in your muscles in the form of inflammation and cell damage. Now, this can be tricky. Because on one side, I'm saying that we need oxygen to produce energy but we're also saying that or exposure to oxygen can lead to inflammation and cellular damage and the key to understanding this lies in a process guard bores effect. Be. Or are bores effect when you breathe in Oxygen Surf. The oxygen binds with your haemoglobin in your blood and a member the oxygen needs to get released from your hemoglobin and has to reach your mic Andrea, which is a powerhouse of yourself for the energy to be produced. So if there's a high level of oxygen. Did remain bound to your hemoglobin and over a period of time this can cause tissue damage and what happens is the free radicals actually start attacking your own system. This can lead to depression Lou Energy Fatigue and immune disorders does this sound familiar the solution to the challenge lies and somehow decreasing the level of oxygen which leads to.

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