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Forty three north bound for the market to get help eight minutes while ninety four outbound for the market to Lleyton Avenue no problems there either eight minutes to travel the PCJ forecast partly to mostly cloudy with a stray flurry possible lows of twenty two by the lake front seventeen in one Saturday a mix of sun and clouds but can't rule out late flurries or light snow possible highs only around thirty two Sunday clouds increase with a wintry mix changing to snow late highs around forty right now man talk it's thirty in Franklin thirty one and in Milwaukee also thirty one degrees I'm resting on newsradio WTMJ on the issue of sick guilt the tax line five six one I live near Seattle and recently came home to Milwaukee for a funeral I shorten my visits and increased distance with family for fear of potentially having picked up something in my travels I was very afraid of spreading something to older relatives candied arm also to the social distancing under one roof the two six two says I am not all caps I am not practicing social distancing with my lady even though I'm older and retired and she's younger and working in health care in our household we share everything and we'll take care of each other as necessary but hope to both stay healthy all right other side of the coin two six two says my wife has too many immune issues well we have three ten teenagers and we have to keep the boss healthy talking about mom I sleep on the sofa so there you go I mean I have a feeling that if it isn't yet at this point that more people are going to be doing it.

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