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Today's? That's a that's a late time to have a home open on may eleventh. They probably going to wrote what time do they start this? They must have been a road from month. You know? The strike. You know, if you don't have to push the season up further further year. I always started in April. Got maybe they'll be much. Got a couple of birthdays. Designer Valentino that Katie Katie Wagner, nineteen nineteen sixty four is a railway daughter, and she doesn't want her. Yeah. She's also a just a she's also entertainment tonight or somebody there, Katie Wagner. Guess she's a reporter not familiar with the work and also a nine hundred sixty to mid we talked about the Green Bay quarterbacks. Yeah. Steve Ono Bono from north. You know, he was a he was a quarterback. Wait, wait with the forty Niners. Started out with a agree. Big. He I think he was a strike. He was like during the the strike the eighty seven players strike replacement player. No. He wasn't. I believe he was. Oh, no. I think Steve Bono one eighty-seven. You. Sure, I'm pretty sure about that. Nor sound guy. What else we got you in nineteen eighty nine two birthdays have ace the the rapper and Cam Newton. Cam Newton is thirty yet Kenyans there. Reading some stats about him today. It's a pretty impressive number. No. Like by age thirty thirties. Got more rushing yards in any other quarterback ever. And.

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