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Forty one points. Forty one points that is truly outstanding. He hit a game winning jumper in with in the second half with just a few moments left to put the Oklahoma sooners up by two Brady Manic Disappointing night out in this one honestly six points to seven from the Field Austin Reeves might have saved. The sooner season in some people's eyes might have just saved long. Kruger's job. Here's what I will say. Though Oklahoma likely to make the tournament now at this point I reported last week that bracket dot com had them at eleven seed. They seem to be managed maintaining their they have not risen or fallen based off this game. So looks like Oklahoma will be in the tournament. The man I don't feel confident about them winning a first round game or anything close to getting to the sweet sixteen. This feels like a one and done team. We've seen one here recently. They're just so inconsistent. But here's the Hoping Oklahoma basketball has been fun this year. They have been so up and down and so hard to cover. They finished conference play at nine nine. Their regular season record of nineteen and twelve over. All the big twelve tournament starts up this week. It's GONNA kick off on Wednesday. The Iowa state cyclones. We facing off against the Oklahoma state cowboys. Kansas state will be facing off against he see you then we will see play West Virginia. Apm on Thursdays. Next time the sooners will take the court. Obviously they will be an underdog in that game but we'll see. What Long Krueger Brady man at Christian doolittle and often reeves? The front of that list. Now can figure out against the mountaineers. So Oklahoma City beat the Boston Celtics. Oh you comes back from nineteen points down against the TCU Horn frogs and that might not be the weirdest outcome in the state of Oklahoma. This weekend in Basketball Oklahoma state went into Texas on a two game win streak just defeating the Kansas State wildcats in the Iowa state cyclones and just drummed the longhorns I mean just drummed them Texas was on a five Game Win Streak. They were team. The no one thought had any chance of making the tournament A few weeks ago but then it found themselves on the outside looking in and some people's cases just on the bubble of being inside on making the tournament because of five game win streak with a whole bunch of freshmen and a whole bunch of guys. Who weren't expecting to play minutes really contributing for shock. Smart all they need to do is put the Cherry on top and get the win over Oklahoma state and they likely would be dancing here in a few weeks as Lee. Corso say not so fast my friend. Oklahoma state had something else to say. Oklahoma state came in in one. Eighty one to fifty nine in Austin Texas is home floor for essentially a must win game. I mean just. It's hard to really summarize all of my thoughts on this. Oklahoma state had nothing to play for here. Really their season was all but over. But this was such a massive victory when you add into the fact that they beat. Oh you a few weeks ago in Bedlam Oklahoma state really finish is one of the hottest teams in the big twelve winning six of their last eight games in conference play with one of those being a loss to Kansas who Kansas was beating everyone at that point in the season. I Mike Boyne is somewhat. I questioned all year on his coaching ability. And what is his style? His XS and OS seemed questionable. He didn't seem like a guy who really had plan. But there's one thing that's very very clear he doesn't I wouldn't call. Mike Boynton the smartest Both well executed basketball coach. I've ever seen but he has some incredible ability of being able to get maximum effort from his guys and getting them to show up when they need to. You hear the old expression it's not about XS and OS. It's way more about Jimmy's Joe's and at that's true. Mike Point in these cowboys might be pretty terrifying heading into next season because they are going to be way more towns isn't they? Were this year as well as when you add into the fact that might one's going to have another year under his belt. Where maybe he can add a few more things to the fold for him to figure out exactly what Oklahoma state basketball looks like to him. Either way what an incredible finish the season for the POKES O Obviously Oh you making the tournament is the bigger story this week that we'll talk about on one. Oh seven seven the franchise and Oklahoma City. One seven the franchise and Tulsa but the cowboys absolutely deserve their due for how they've wrapped up this year. Mike Point deserves a ton of credit for trying to get this program going the right direction. I'm going to do a quick thirty. The sixty second maybe five minutes. I'm just kidding. Sixty Second Promo here on. If you're going to gamble on March madness the strategies you need to take i. I love gambling. March madness. It's one of the most popular gambling days of the year in America. Outside of the Super Bowl. It's going to be a ton of fun and we're kind of just on the outside looking in on that normally I would tell you find to one or two seeds that you like a whole lot but most of your your money on the on those two people. So if you're normal bet Whatever that is we'll just call it a unit for now. You put a unit on one a unit under their half unit. Maybe on a couple of long long shots that you kinda like Murray State was one for me last year when they had Djalmir aunt this year. All long shots pick pick four seeds. Pick some five seeds. Pick a couple of six seeds and put a quarter of a unit on a handful of them. I don't think anyone has any clues going to win the tournament. This year emits as wide open from top to bottom as it has been in a very very very long time. And if you want my initial guests on what you need to go look at the NBA. Mock drafts go find out. Who has the most talented guys on their roster on teams that are seeded somewhere in that four to eight range and put a little put a little grease on those guys because again I really think this is the year where we could see a Yukon Kimball Walker situation where one guy just carries their team all the way through the tournament? Because the competition is okay. That was ninety seconds on gambling. But whatever it's my podcast took. The rams came out with a new logo. It might be one of the worst logos I've ever seen Google it. That's it this. That's this segment. I just want you to Google the Rams logo and laugh with me seriously. That's Dak Prescott has been offered more money than I can ever possibly imagine to paying the Dak Prescott. Apparently the cowboys have offered to make him the richest player in. Nfl History Prescott has been offered thirty three million dollars in the past which is equivalent to what Russell Wilson's most recent deal was but apparently now the cowboys came out and offered him thirty five million dollars a year and a hundred and five million dollars guaranteed. That is huge huge money. Now Gan Dak Prescott. A few weeks ago we talked about was more interested in the forty million dollar range. But truthfully there's no way he could have imagined that he was going to get up to thirty five in one hundred in the negotiation process. Especially this early. There's also some rumblings and maybe the cowboys are a little afraid of what this next. Cb could look like With the fact that they have not only Byron Jones is also a free agent who most people assume is not coming back to the cowboys. They also have Amari Cooper in just because Cooper says that he wants to be a cowboy for life does not mean he's not willing to take more money from someone else and I think the cowboys might be getting a little skittish that they have to use the franchise tag on Dak Prescott in Cooper gets out onto the free agency market. The things might get a little hairy for the cowboys in retaining Cooper and Prescott. So I think by coming out with this big number here with Dak Prescott. They're trying to get this deal done sooner rather than later so that way. They can maintain a little bit of flexibility of using that tag on either Byron Jones or Amari Cooper to make sure they retain everybody. They're wanting to this summer. This is GonNa be a massive summer for the Dallas Cowboys. They are the ones who are the barometer for everything of what this next summer is going to look like in the free agency world so make sure you keep an eye on the lone star state as things had that direction but Dak Prescott thirty five million dollars a year. A hundred five million dollars guaranteed his. What the offer is not accepted yet by Prescott but that would be the biggest contract in. Nfl history. Thank you so much for listening to this is Chisholm Holland from the big story today. Podcast follow me on twitter at Chisholm Holland. We really do appreciate your time as always leave us a review on itunes and that is super helpful or spotify or wherever. You're listening to this podcast. It really does make a huge difference for us to know that you guys are out there and you're enjoying the content. Just WanNa give another quick shadow mountain Edmund. 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