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Bruce Springsteen has written his autobiography and next time on The New Yorker radio hour, he tells all or almost all what did you feel that you couldn't write about? Because it's a pretty Brutally honest book about yourself that I couldn't write about. I don't want to talk about that on our Bruce Springsteen's That's next time on The New Yorker Radio Hour tomorrow morning at 10 on 93.9 FM W. N. Y C Oh, This'd is W N. Y. C. FM, HD and AM New York. Good morning After the recent massive hack into U. S agencies and companies was exposed, Microsoft said the breach was not a threat. Now they've discovered a problem. The attack. Let hackers get too closely guarded Source code. This'd just one more shooter drop in this particular case, there'll be many more over the coming months. I'm Carrie Nolan. It's morning edition from NPR and W. N. Y. C. With Britain now truly out of the European Union borders are going to start looking different. The Trump Administration is selling oil leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and it's public Domain Day. Creative works from 1925 entered the public domain. It's Friday, January 1st Happy New Year. The news is next. Live from NPR News. I'm nor Ron. The Senate is holding a rare New year's Day session to consider the defense bill. It was passed by both houses by large margins, but President Trump vetoed it. Because it does not repeal certain legal protections for social media companies. He also object to a provision that allows the renaming of military bases that honor Confederate leaders. The House voted Monday to override the veto. Today, senators are to cast the first of two procedural votes, which would clear the way for a veto vote tomorrow. President Trump is extending a freeze on new temporary work visas for tech and other highly skilled workers. MPR's Franco Ordonez has more. The extension means hundreds of thousands of foreigners looking to work in the United States will continue to have to wait until at least the end of March before having another chance to attain the coveted visas. Trump signed the original proclamation in June, citing the need to protect the U. S labor force during the pandemic. It impacts workers in a variety of fields, including tech workers who entered the country on each one B visas, seasonal workers in the tourism industry and certain all pairs. The help was set to expire today, and there was a clash within the White House about what to do about the expiring moratorium. It was aggressively opposed by business leaders Franco or Dona as NPR news. Minneapolis officials released a video yesterday showing the deadly police shooting of a man during a traffic stop Wednesday night. Police say the man had fired on them first, and a gun was found on the scene. Video shows a man trying to drive away from police, but it's hard to make out details. Mayor Jacob Fry says no matter what prompted the shooting, the city mourns the loss of life. We need to acknowledge that our city is Experiencing a lot of raw emotion right now. You know, that's especially true for our Somali community who has lost a young man. Gun violence has gripped our city and today is no exception. KSTP TV provided that audio Brexit. The long torture divorce between the United Kingdom and the European Union is now complete. NPR's Frank Langfitt reports from the English port of Dover. After a decade of practically seamless.

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