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Whether it's Bryce Harper JT, real Muto jeans, Agoura, Andrew mccutchen, David Robertson. And when their biggest move was made bringing in Bryce Harper. And there's been this thought process all might trout is an eagles fan. Mike trout grew up in millville, New Jersey. Maybe Mike trout will find a way to Philadelphia when his contract is done with the angels. And when Bryce Harper was introduced, he talked about my trout, he did a interview with w I p one of our Phillies. A lot of people are saying, well, there's some and going on here. He's talking about getting Mike trout to the Philadelphia Phillies. So there was that belief. There was that thought process and shout is avoided really talking about this conversation before he says, hey, it's inevitable. People are going to talk about it with my links to the area and with how much I do support millville and also Philadelphia with some the sport teams, Mike trout, though as big of a star is he is. And he's the permanent player in baseball. He's worked all the money in the world. He's very quiet. You hear from him. But you don't hear from him. In a way, that's all about himself. He's someone that if he was walking down the streets of New York City or Boston right now. Or even if he was walking down the streets of Chicago wherever I don't know how many people are necessarily recognizing him right away. If he was dressed in regular clothes and walking down the streets. And that's a problem for baseball right now, they have some stars. They're not marketed, though, the right way. And for Mike trout, he likes to keep to himself. You could tell. I'm sure he's fine playing with the angels for the rest of his career judging by the length of the contract, and maybe he doesn't want to go to the big city. Maybe he doesn't want to deal with the big media because I know you could say, oh, well, if you take a look at it. Where he plays on the west coast. It's a big Mark. The angels are not the dodgers. Okay. So with that being said twelve years twelve years four hundred thirty million dollars contract, and it really came out of nowhere. No one's really expecting this. He gets an extension, but that fits the persona of my child. Where you have a player. That doesn't like to talk doesn't like to drum up a lot of noise, and oh, yeah. Out of nowhere. He's going to get a twelve year four hundred and thirty million dollars contract. It's worth every penny. And if I'm him if someone called me up and say, we're gonna off your twelve years four hundred thirty million dollars of remember Bryce Harper got thirteen years, except the only got three hundred and thirty million dollars. And I say only, please if I get one tenth of that one sixteenth of that. I'd be okay. I'll be fine. So you have the situation where trout gets a year less and one hundred million dollars more. It shows you his importance to the game. And how great of a baseball player he is. And it all went in kind of the quiet way that does fit Mike trap. And if you're going to get off of that money now, what are you going to wait to test the free agency waters in a year or two where you may get. Fifteen twenty million dollars more. How much more you're going to get when you're talking about four hundred and thirty million dollars over twelve years. So it was the right move by my shout. The only thing I hope for the game of baseball is that. We get to see this guy in the postseason more because it's a shame that the best player in the sport. Does not have a signature postseason moment. And when you have someone that plays in the west coast. Yeah, we could see Mike trout. You can watch my trout. However, though, he's in the postseason. It's a whole different stage. The entire countries watching when you're in the postseason and Mike trout has only played in three little postseason games against the Kansas City Royals. I hope the angels are moving in the right direction. And hey, they have a long time to get this, right? I must have they trade him. I hope when this contract comes and goes, and we're talking about this and eight nine ten eleven twelve years when it's towards the end of the contract. We're not sitting here saying man, we only got to see Mike trout in a small amount of postseason games because it's really a shame. And it's really bad for the sport that the best player. Is rarely in the postseason with only having. Three games. Three little games.

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