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An incentive to do it right there. You don't need to have the government force you to do it. So. How really gets me though, is that she seems to have no sense of proportion. Somebody who was asked how much would it cost to turn our entire electrical grid and into using renewable resources instead of coal oil gas, or whatever, and they calculated it'll be about thirteen trillion dollars. That's a lot more than our current electrical grid is worth right now. It's only worth about a trillion dollars. I was thirteen times as much, but she doesn't want to just replace all actress ity, she replace all transportation, all all residential heating all industrial use of fossil fuels with renewables, and to do that that would do at least four times as much. We've only got a minute here trillion dollars. We've only got a minute here. Right. I gotta come from printing money. It doesn't work backup even farther back. We've only got a minute here. How how insane is this? From this is not pure, socialism and a planners paradise. I don't know what is is. Are there people in the environmental community who actually thinks this woman is sane? Yes. And I come back. I mean, the environmental community is essentially been taken over by socialist. And I come back to Naomi Klein who wrote a few years ago that global warming has.

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