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But we find a kind of anger in many atheists and certainly in Marx and others That doesn't seem to be cool and rational on merely anti faith in God, But that seems to be demonically inspired. That seems to be Satanic rather than merely atheistic. Another atheism seems to be often a cover for some kind of Satanism. And when you talk about wanting to destroy everything, obviously, that spirit is alive. In some parts of America today. What strange to me is that If you want to help the masses and you want to help the people surely you wouldn't want to burn everything down. We're gonna follow up folks for the full hour with Paul Kengor. The book is the devil and call marks Don't go away. Sight and sound theaters presents for the first time ever a historic broadcast event. All young women are to be taken to the palace. No one can ever know who you are. Queen Esther. The spectacular stage production comes to life like never before, in a special live streaming event, go to the kitchen. Plead for the lives of your people. Queen Esther Live one night Only Labor Day Weekend on Ly unsighted Sound TV on September 18th Don't miss Infidel, the new heart pounding political thriller inspired by true events in American Spy what Fidel tells the story of one man's incredible journey of faith and survival after being kicked Once courage to never give up on a terrorist with his country abandoned his freedom became our mission. I came here to start your infidel only in theaters. September 18th.

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