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This thing i have. I have a ten x ten s. Oh my god. It has a cord on it. Yeah plug into the wall No doesn't have it on there. yeah. I'm totally fine with my phone. I see some of those pictures. I was blown away reverse mode only on unfollowed out. There's this that Just running Doesn't go regular photos in portrait or this regular god damn. How old is that two thousand ten. This is the tennis max over here. Bad yeah i don't even have the max. I ll legit eleven. Yeah i don't really care about like new features and stuff but we now know when i seen so marquette sent some pictures for something. I don't remember what it was but he was like. Oh you like that. Check this out. And he sends just like a you know the wide angle selfie. And i'm just like oh my god that detail like it would be such a pain in the balls to get that with an s. Alar whatever it may be. And he just did with his fun in seconds. I'm like tam it These phones going crazy. Yeah that's that's wild. Tammy how to upgrade your phone bro. What do people think that poor. You represent our community. You're out there wearing our stuff all the time i camera. I don't mess with phone. I gotta use my my actual camera but you got to step up efforts viewing to take some action off this upset by yourself journal or maybe get get cases journal. It's probably pretty don't from trump's probably be a good idea yeah great and sounded awesome like what he said about our to like just like the empty ones or whatever he said and then the other ones like whoa are some like does she have that habit journal. Yeah but that's one for work. Yeah well like yeah. It's it's it's rough. Because stephanie got it. Got it for me for christmas. And i was really pumped about it but then like when i dove into it. I'm like oh i. It's about making the schedule and much work. I gotta clear my schedule in order to write my schedule down and it just like you know it was. It was tough and it was like real thick bulky carry it with. I mean i could carry it with me but then it became a thing like i had to make room for Sorry i can't like. I can't do this big of a commitment and then half those things i can never right and i write all over the place like a fucking madman. That's the other thing. I would ask you like you know. Whatever the you like three lines l. I need at least two lines make the letter straight. You see right that show on the coffee cups. I looks impossible. Maybe he prints them out fucking coffee cup. Well it's it's a paper one cinema still. Try to trying to sign the the the whiskey bottle now imagine it smaller and brown rounded and then he writes a paragraph on them shits. He's gonna sell the fuck of those little sleeves sleeves in good at branding though you like when you see the how he branded is i all that that was very well. Thought out very well thought out. Take us on outta here andrew burp. Yeah my bad. Wow okay okay. Thank you. Everyone for checking that. Today's episode. if you guys doug it make sure you do slap a like and if you're not subscribe please do so and hit the information so you can find out when we alive and well that is. Someone's talking really loud yeah. I don't know what that's all about a lot of stuff. Always go down at slingshot headquarters. Please make sure you're on the podcasts. At mark bells power project on instagram. Amby power project on tiktok and twitter. Kind of messed tiktok again. My answer graham Talk clubhouse and twitter is at andruzzi and were you at nc scream to talk nc mcginn young on twitter remark at mark smelly bell strengths never weakness week. There's never strength. Catch you guys later..

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