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Landscape and make themselves unnoticeable and blend into the scenery and maybe that's by dressing down or not wearing makeup or whatever it's like they've figured out how to put on the disguises of womanhood and also take them off and that sort of indicates a kind of sophistication for and understanding of how the world treats women generally that they both can use as a tool in their belt as much as shiv or a poison filled pen whatever else villa now or the women of ocean eight us to get ahead or get what they want it's exciting to watch women be gluttons and their gluttons for work for fabrics fashion and not feel a need to hide it right and i think the pleasure of the show comes in watching these two women circling around each other and understanding that they are in some ways cut from a similar cloth and yet wildly different and i feel them inspecting each other for clues on how to be yes but i just wonder whether or not the thing that you've so brilliant identified as being the sort of source of attraction for eve is the freedom that villanova seems to have to her and her her competence at her job is something that sandro has and she probably knows that she's really good at her job too but she doesn't feel free in the way she thinks villanova feels free towards the end of the series there's a moment when sandra oh who's playing eve gets into the nells derelict but really fashionably so paris apartment and she starts going through all of her stuff and she's like looking in the closet and then she yanks open the fridge and is just full of champagne and she just lets out this laugh and then grabs the bottles and just starts guzzling it but can't you know she just there's a hilarious moment where she's trying to guzzle it and just like gorge on this liquid and then chokes you can't drink champagne in that way but be it's like comedy about her having no experienced yet and champagne and she's sort of starts to like adopt this swagger i guess the way maybe she thinks villa no functions.

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