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That for about a month and it was a ramp up. I started doing just an hour a day. The first day I worked out this last month thirty minutes and that's like an hour could take is like thirty minute like quicker right because we had gone into some vacations other things in our lives we had gotten to where are only workouts where yoga yeah we great workout. However I have? I see it now is more like my active rest. It is yeah because it's it's not too extensive. I think if you're trying to maintain your keeping like your diet is like on point and you're being very healthy. I think yoga you're only form of <hes> workout account. Is I mean you could do that but if I think that supplementing that with like heavy lifting you're GonNa Lake Lose More Weight and cardio for sure so yes after the scan. I'd say the changes. I'm really making is I am the cardio relatively new thing for me that just added back in or whatever because as I went from thirty minutes to an hour a day to an hour and a half day I was a little cardio but then I back down to just lifting and then now I'm GonNa add and some more cardio and I think I'm going to consistent with that from now until the next scan to a target that visceral fat along with a few dieting changes and making probiotics are apparently very good if we're targeting that I think everybody should give a try for probiotic has he got healthy stuff. Increasing things like that will help target that I'm going to try and lower that as priority number one along with that I think that will shrink down my you know android region so that one of the measures that gave us as you don't want your android region to have a higher body fat percentage as a region then your overall body fat percentage which is where I li- right now right now I got to convert at that and it will drop my overall total body fat by just getting rid of the visceral it will drop me a few percent so I'll be down another percentile because right now. I'm sitting at the edge of the eightieth percentile so we down in the sixty two eightieth range just getting rid of that visceral fat so that's all I gotTa do get rid of it and then I'm there so that's cool number. One and that's how I'm going to do it and diet wise. You know people in the past my no. I did the Carnivore Diet. I'm still kinda sticking to that. I know a lot closer to low-carbon Kito. I am yes I as I say `I sticking close to that but I have now a better target for my calories because what I was doing was my trimming calories was two thousand and my balking was three thousand. I think two thousand is was even too much basically because my metabolic seventeen fifty right and you they really wanted deficit in kind of like so that's what our restaurants right down to going to do yeah where he does seventeen PHYSI- minus thirteen three and we're GonNa do that in workout heavily every day but we're going to stick to those metabolic embolic rates because or maintaining a set calorie goal but we're also building muscle on top right and then if your body with proteins and fats as opposed to carbs in wall you'll have more energy. That'll feed your muscles prevent muscle your muscles for being eaten by your body and your body will turn those fat stores and say I need some extra energy to go through all this exercise and I'll start getting the doors. Now this might happen faster in two months to we might get to the point where like we're starting to hit some fatigue and run out of energy and our bodies are clearly shedding fat. We'll be able to tell right and then at that point. We'll have to think something new never get stuck on anything but that's my plan that you're like second goal or your for school like my first schools visceral fat where you're right this goal. You're what was it well so there's fitness diet diet diet mental health care and decks and then our deck so yeah my fitness goals were to attend so we go to yoga Monday Wednesday Friday Tuesday Thursday nights. Were busy unfortunately could go oh to hit class but I've got some time in the middle of the day I move around some meetings and stuff. I'm GONNA try and attend to hit class at least once a week. There's also the one on Saturdays so if I don't make during the week I'm going to that on Saturdays right right. Then that was my that's your health and then an hour of cardio every day so so even on my rest days which are Sundays activist as I wanna get an hour dedicated cardio even on that day right right so that that was that the food wise. I want to track my calories every day. It's going to be the main one in carnivore. They don't encourage you to track your calories us. Oh fell into that habit. I was tracking them loosely but I was tracking them inappropriately because those eating too much still right so I'm going to try and trim that down and track more appropriately now still remain under thirty five grand scarves. You know gatty stick in that direction mental health. What did I say? I don't remember 'cause you filled it out without me. Yeah I was sitting there staring at it and I'm like I was trying to think all the things I do yeah. It's like I do that already so I can't quite remember and then my deck scandals get my fat down to zero visceral fat so you're visceral fat down zero. Oh you're visceral fat. Sorry I was thinking like your total body fat Jesse visceral fat down to zero which is totally doable. I think a kiss zero. I don't think it's going to be anything permanent and realistically amping as long is I'm less than one. I know what I'm doing is working and I'll just keep doing that if it's around the same as it is now in two months I clearly have to change them. So those are my goals. How about you okay so my goals and so oh for the physical goal my workout goal it was to do four days of lifting or yoga a week four days so I can't do any less than I totally do more and I probably will do more like I'll do cardio and whatnot but I have to make sure like okay if I'm not doing yoga today a half to lift if I'm not going to that Yoga class five days we'll maybe Essex Committee and then under that as well? I wanted do one kind of unique active activity a week so something that they don't normally do like hiking. Don't do that very often. Don't go swimming very often. We don't go play soccer. We don't go kayaking as often as I'd like. We got tennis rackets. We don't do this or all things we used to. Everyone and I want to get back into it because I those are all I love being inactive the person and so those are things that I like to do like soccer for example I I have played soccer in some shape or form since the fifth grade and so at liked to get back into doing that in Enron get more often and that would be an active Ross yeah. It's our active rest and we WANNA do that. We're like you're still active but you're not like sitting ends at Jim. Jim Fatiguing your muscles but you're giving your mind break here. It's like a different kind of mindset that you're putting yourself into which really fun you'll think about it exactly so so that was something that I wanted to add in. That was kind of fun. That wasn't just like okay just wanted to do this four times a week and then be done with that <hes> sat for my diet. I also put talking calories because I'm really bad about that when we go out to eat or when I have an alcoholic beverage I really thought about smacking kids. Yes might not have a lot of carbs or <hes> calories in the drink itself Muslim do but even if it doesn't alcohol does your metabolism bless your metabolism for like twenty four hours so but anyways I am really bad about tracking it so I'd like to get better at tracking it and what was doing for the past like monther like maybe half a month. I was doing Kito because I was like man. I haven't lost a lot of weight in a really long time. I've been very good yeah I wanted to shake it up and I was tracking mckellar or my carbs my protein my fast my macro tracking them all very closely. I WANNA continue to do that but I'm not gonNA do Kito anymore because I don't think that that works for my my body works for a lot of bodies and it's worked for my body before but at this stage of my life just doesn't really took my boxes so I'm just going to move on from that and go back to my flex -tarian lifestyle raking veggies and fruits and be happy yeah and I think on top of that was the whole thing of don't stick with something if it's not working and then also make sure you constantly check in and adjust as needed yeah exactly and I like to poop everybody like soup in this diet. It does not make it easy so I'm GonNa keep that in the podcast. I don't really care so and then for mental I put that I was going to read an hour a day. That kind of goes the whole book and Bitch thing like I don't get myself enough time to read and I love reading so I'm GonNa read at least an hour a day and then my skin goal is I am going to lower my body fat five percent by the next one in two months I wouldn't be down five percent which will put me right in between the twentieth and fortieth percentile of women. My Age which I think is a good place to be. I don't think that's like too much to Kinda. Try for just because like the next one is like like elite athletes as the next section right after this and I'm like I'm not an elite athlete right but when you like to be there for at least a day do I get that's Michael Scream. Oh yes the thing there's like once you get there. You can say okay I made it. Maybe you can always say they'll tell the story of yeah one time. I was super fit. I was hot. I was elite as up there. You know like pro football players could yeah for a moment yeah yeah. I was right there so I think this was a great episode but it's running a little bit long so let's Rabbit Yep. That's it okay so hopefully you guys enjoyed it and hopefully anybody out there. WHO's thinking about taking the plunge into a healthier lifestyle? We'll do so you can reach out device. Listen To our other podcasts on the topic is well get some ideas and what to do and we'll start one of these in like two months. We'll definitely do an update on it <hes> but other than that make sure to check us out on our twitter instagram facebook APP podcast checks on our website at coughed podcast.

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