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And I'm Archie Zaraleta and I'm Archie includes 7 ,500 EV cap cost reduction not all customers will qualify residency restrictions apply take delivery by 10 -2 Jeep registered is a trademark times in the week one loss to the Jets Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen threw three touchdown passes bills winning their home opener over the Las Vegas Raiders 38 to 10 Allen says was he motivated all week to get back but I I love feeling how I felt last week I really do as a team Raiders the only rushed for 55 yards in this game quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo through one touchdown pass and two Jean interceptions Bataglan Orchard Park New York the Tennessee Titans got their first win of the 2023 season knocking off the visiting Los Angeles Chargers 27 to 24 in overtime just as the rain started to fall Nashville in Nick volt connected on a 41 yard field goal three -time Pro Bowl running back Derrick Henry said that when the rain came the urgency did too we were in the drive once it started raining all I was thinking just get this thing in the end zone get three points we can get out of here for where it gets crazy so glad I was able to get the field goal and get the win before it really started lightning the and point now the Chargers Justin Herbert 127 of 41 for 305 yards and two scores Keenan Allen hauled in eight of his 10 targets good for 111 yards and two touchdowns in the loss. Jeremy K Gover, Nashville. The Chiefs shook off a slow offensive start to beat the Jaguars for the third time in 10 months 17 -9. Kansas The city didn't score until Patrick Mahomes hit Sky Moore for a nine yard touchdown in the final minute of the first half Mahomes was 29 of 41 passing for 305 yards. You played bad and win. It's a lot better than playing bad and losing. So I was glad we found a a way to win get at the end of the day. But obviously a lot of stuff that we have to get better at. Chris Jones recorded two sacks and five quarterback pressures to help the defending champs bounce back from a season opening loss to the Lions. Trevor Lawrence was 22 of 41 for 216 yards but couldn't engineer a touchdown drive. I'm Dave. Fair Jeep adventure days is going on now. Hurry in for great deals on a great selection of Jeep brand vehicles now get 10 % below MSRP for an average of 6903 under MSRP

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