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I'm club Albert of the Koga News Center. President elect Joe Biden and his wife are now in Washington, D C this evening staying across the street in the White House where he will be living after noon tomorrow. Peter Doocy has more on his day today at a preview of tomorrow. The next president's first stop in D. C. A memorial honoring Cove in 19 victims, his last stop in Delaware, the National Guard headquarters named for his late son, Beau Biden. Biden will sign executive orders related to climate change and immigration and in the 1st 100 Days, plans to push Congress too short in the pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants to eight years from 13. But first an inaugural address Fox has learned. The theme is Unity Cover news will bring you live Coverage of Inauguration Day event starting at five tomorrow morning with remarks by President Trump just before he flies to his resort home in Florida. And then at eight o'clock tomorrow morning, live coverage of the inauguration ceremony and swearing in. In a video released this evidence, But the White House president Trump delivered his farewell address. We restored American strength at home and American leadership abroad. The world respects us again. Please don't lose that respect In that farewell video. The president takes credit for not starting any new foreign wars and adopting a tough stance on China. Trump, also in the video condemned the violent attack on the U. S Capitol two weeks ago. The Pentagon is pulling 12 National Guard members from working the presidential inauguration Security tomorrow. The FBI has found evidence of inappropriate comments and said there's a zero tolerance policy, Army General Dan Hawkinson said extremism is not tolerated in any branch of the U. S. Military. Said Diego County today reporting 2498 new cases of the Corona virus. With a positive test rate of 20%. The 14 Day rolling average. The percent of positive test is a 12%. There were six new deaths reported today, bringing the total of endemic to 2109 scripts. Health patients 65 older can get the covert vaccine and 80,000 patient invitations have gone out. We're inviting our patients 65 over who have been my scripts account and the reason that's important is that we have to track the vaccines and report them up to the statement to the county and so that my scripts after is a way for us to be able to do that vaccine reporting. Dr Gonzalez Shareef is the chief medical officer for acute carrot scripts. Health, she tells Kogo news they did not prioritize within the 65 plus group. Because that would take a lot of time to go through each patient's folder, and they want to get his many people vaccinated as quickly as they can, she says. Scripts has not lost one dose of vaccine if they ever have extras. They have a sign up sheet for their staff. Marilyn Haider KOGO news firefighters have altered the spread of a roughly four acre brush fire that broke out this afternoon offer Atteberry drive and sent a Li Ho in San Marcos. Cal Fire says no reports of any structural damage or injuries from that four acre of fire. The third biggest US lottery jackpot in history is on the line that I the jackpot for tonight's mega millions. Drawing is an estimated $850 million in case you want to know the estimated cash price lump sum is something over 628 million bucks. But that means you don't have to wait 30 years to collect the whole $850 million. So doesn't that make sense? Yeah. Something to worry about. If you win tonight. Good luck. Koga News time. 5 33. Let's check the freeways now, with Kobe's real time Traffic and my Kankakee Hey, Cliff from your helper, San Diego Honda dealers Traffic center with stretch of freeway to avoid right now. The East eight after West Willow's Road by via House Casino, you've got several miles of stopped traffic there. They've been restricting traffic because of the high winds out in the mountains. Plus, they're still working that clear a big rig that got blown onto its side around noon. Today, you're headed home towards to make Alan or 15 still busy from Rainbow to Winchester. Their support sponsored by Cal Hope in the California Department of Health Care Services. Mike Hancock with Coco Sexual Time Traffic, updated 5 43. If you're feeling anxious, stressed or lonely in these difficult covert times, call Cal hope at +833317 hope that's a +333174673 or this. Cal. Hope dot org's to talk to someone who can help hope will persevere covers up there and setting whether chance of showers to tomorrow With the flash flood wise for the mountains, the desert so late tonight through tomorrow evening, high wind warning, in effect for the coast Valleys and mountains until tomorrow night, and warmer temperatures tomorrow highs in the low to mid seventies. Right now downtown. It's 66 degrees. Next update Coming up at six o'clock on Saturday goes evening news with Maryland hider. They connected. Stay informs San Diego's breaking news station with my report. Next news radio 600 Kogo, This is the Gemayel report. The fight continues. The White House just announced that they have declassified all information relating The FBI's investigation into ties between Russia and.

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