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Absolutely absolutely i mean again it i'm all about giving the most ridiculous job as an excuse to work with the fbi so i think it's gonna be tough to top moyle tell me tell me more about the sniffer i apologize after rail i basically told you everything you need to know about it he he is really good sense of smell and he uses it to help himself i watch thirty minutes of the first step assode it's all subtitled and the guys on an airplane and he's like diagnosis that the pilot in the stewardess or sleepy together and having an affair they looked at him like he's crazy disappointed his nose like yeah this is a good show okay at meanwhile there are a million other like good shows that i still haven't caught up on the drive you insane and yet i watch thirty minutes of a subtitle show about a guy who smells really good i gotta let people in on the private discussions here brian this morning we were talking about westworld talking my left up to the westworld maybe we'll do westworld segment at a week or two but there's a bit from last night's westworld it's very vodka tive of a scene from the opening of law season two and i thought hey i'm feeling the stale gic i will share that scene from law season to insult with brian so that he and i can have a moment of shared cultural recognition and brian says that he has never watched lost and doesn't feel bad about it not even a little bit i watched the premiere i watch the premiere of it later but loss of shows kind of it hit right in the middle of that college law school thing for me rows i really haven't trouble keeping up.

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