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Under thirty three all right guys okay still good or what were you thinking he was like well hofmann was going as a 17yearold allegedly now talking about a guy he's fifty three years old by the way he played for a year the wales national team from 1994 to 1997 in what sport what supported the wales play well the this would be at one of the fa cup so 1988 one with any way he played a lot of soccer but also he had roles in snatch bullet tooth what was that first movie it was snatched and of course lock stock into smoking barrels it's vinnie jones of very jones's greatness bayern yes of course kevin will say what is he doing lately does the atr jones degrees you're my favorite thing that he's been in though uh euro trip whatever i knows get a weird but he's big soccer fan in euro trip and they do seem to have my momma takes the mud but baby takes the morning train saga everything he's in euro trip dude now he wins these juggernaut right yes that was one of his worst roles it's alright he now had juggernaut he's right i walked out girl man yeah there's a different story lowered his head ran through things yes okay nerd out for a second day made him a mutiny in juggernauts not a mutant and how they killed him was the rain into the kid could takeaways newton powers which shouldn't stop the juggernaut that your garden what kenny do how can you run through things because he's got he's got a magical amulet and helmeted he has never mike shut up cory and george reeves magical amulet and he is yours reeves yes night superman yes it's super man's birthday give it can't be better than superman i don't care which one it is put on a single all right let me ask you this is kevin better than than dean came no no better than hilary qabil no no is better than christopher reeves now they have the same name no boop we have an increased no other guy that was super youths george reeves it was in the superman returns were they try to make it a car remember a care brandon ralph oh yeah that are them he was still superman.

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