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Had welcome at you Finsider radio. This is mackinac joy into my Joshua house in herring Sutton and the dolphins headed in to their game on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Miami Dolphins five in six losing a very tough game against the Indianapolis Colts. But that is not the focus of the stories this week. There are quite a few storylines heading into Sunday to try to touch on as much as we possibly. Can. We have Jordan Phillips talking trash about the Miami Dolphins. We have Kenny stills who may have had a little slip of the tongue today in the locker room. We'll touch on that we have all the second guessing of Adam gays and whether his future in Miami is safe whether Ryan tannehill future in Miami a safe lost touch on a few other subjects including the throwback. Uniforms, which dolphins will be wearing on Sunday. A lot of the fans love those uniforms. A lot of the fans would like to see those become permanent. We're going to talk about whether we think those uniform should be permanent or not. Earlier this week. We had an episode. We talked about the Miami Dolphins. And where they go from there. We talked about whether they need a full rebuild a full reset or a little in the middle. If you have not listened to that episode. Make sure you do so either after listening to this one or press pause on this one go back and listen to that one then come back and listen to this one lots of good stuff. Lots of good information that we have not tweeted out in that previous episode. Before we get into the meat and potatoes son, and how it's just touched on it real briefly about the uniforms these uniforms. I mean, this is a really light subject really fun subject to start off this today show and this episode is lead into the Buffalo Bills. How it's I think you tweeted a little earlier today on Thursday saying that they should make these uniforms permanent. I am of the mindset they should not make them permanence sign. I'm not sure what your thoughts are. But how go ahead, and why do you think the Miami Dolphins throwback? Uniforms, should be permanent. Well, I think you're crazy. And I know we touched on this. I think it was last year, and you kind of said it would defeat the novelty of it. But for me, I mean, this is what trialed who was made of it might not be the same logo as they had back in the early nineties, but it's very very similar the color scheme. Everything about it. I think in my opinion is I mean, it's one of the best uniforms in all of sports. And I think I media, okay. We have been lately, I don't credit that to a logo. Obviously it has nothing to do with that. But you know that Jimmy Johnson that cartoon dolphins logo. I very rarely wear that won't because a it's ugly as hell and be it just reminds me of mediocrity. And then they got this new logo a lot of people liked it a lot of people hated it. They say it might look like an arena football team almost I like the new logo. But for me the throwbacks with they're going to be wearing Sunday with they're gonna be wearing the following Sunday against New England. I mean, those are some of the best jerseys in all of football. So for me, if they could come back and bring those fulltime, I would be ecstatic. I will go out there. And by everything with the new logo on it. I have throwback tannehill jersey. Yes. I repeat I have a throwback tannehill jersey of for me. It's just it's just everything that I remember from my childhood the damn Reno days..

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