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I made a point when I was on vacation of trying to stay away from some current events. But there was one story. And I tweeted this out the other other day, and it's shame on governor. Tony Everts I understand that he he wants to legalize marijuana medicinal otherwise. And that that's we've talked about that before regardless of about how you feel about legalizing pot when when I came out and push this. He said, well the way one of the reasons we're going to do this is we want to reduce black incarceration too, many young black males in jail, and it's all because of the marijuana laws, which is a huge lie. It's just a lie. There's no other way to describe it. The people that are in the state prisons white black green. Leanne Brown blue are in almost every case not there primarily because they were in possession of a small amount of marijuana. I don't know if anybody is in prison primarily because of possession of a small amount of marijuana and even knew it too. And yet he pandered in this. This was racial pandering. In the extreme. I am very glad that political issues with political political called this out as a pants on fire lie I did break from my habit of not addressing substantive issues to comment on that. I send out a tweet if you want to see it again, you can follow me. It's at Jeff Wagner, six twenty. But I'm glad that the mainstream media is catching up to this big lie. And again, you can I don't care where you come down on legalizing pot. Medicinal pot rhetoric recreational pot or whatever to justify it by saying, gee, there's too many black males in prison because of possession of marijuana is a lie. Plain and simple and Tony. Got caught. It's twelve thirty one. Let's go to the WTMJ breaking new center. Here's Bill say it could take several days to clean up high. Forty one is after a one hundred and thirty vehicle pile up near Nina on Sunday afternoon. The crash killed one person injured more than seventy others. The winnebago county sheriff's office says the vast majority of the vehicles are destroyed firefighters in Watertown at the battle the cold and high winds as well as the flames or in a fire this morning that equipment. No one was hurt. President Trump heads the Vietnam today for a summit with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Hoon later this week in our NBC singer are Kelly is pleading not guilty to ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving four females time for the WTMJ Drake in associates market update right now, the Dow is up one hundred and ten to twenty six thousand one forty one. The NASDAQ is up thirty six to seventy five sixty four NASDAQ is up eight to twenty eight oh one.

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