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And awakens. Your innermost capability. You have the training and the talent to succeed but do you have the guts to fail. I love what i do. We love what you do. You want to be the best at it. Today is about the power you you will change to find your path to success through the journey of those who have succeeded. And now your host. Dave pomme welcome back to the day palm show. And today i have a co author of the book epa loving essence of you jaime lerner. Welcome to the day. Palm showed thank you so much firm writing me find to be here. Now's the pleasure having here as well. jamie jamie tatsuta someone you you've been around for a while tennis what that's about and how it Basically walks around the work. You did and came on the book. The essence of came to be is the result of The relationship that i had with find mom or lack there of electoral. es because I was formed the knowing. And i believe that we all are and i was very connected to myself however i never quite felt connected to the person that brought me into this world so it really took me more than half my life to figure out why that once and my mother was a force of megyn. She was someone who believed the race. Forty eight hours and every day. She had five children and.

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