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Bye by hook or crook. He got out as I keep saying, crime has paid so far. I'm talking about basketball crime, would a crime was how you treated the crime will not believe in that he was injured the crime that you sit sitting those two goons. Tony Parker mom, noon. Yeah. You just call Bonnard. Yeah. They were loom, okay? They tried. They tried to hijack trying to hide you. On the chair and put all the teammates Ryan. Well, we need to know we think we got a good chance. What's up called him out my favorite all-time Spurs, quote was from Tony Parker. After that closed door players only meeting in which they put number two on the hot seat you with us or not. No, no. He'd ever spoken a word. You want a quad, my style hurts. I gotta fibers in so Tony, Tony then tells these Antonio media, my injury was a hundred times worse than his because he tore his quadriceps muscle, his yes, he ripped in riveted rain, a playoff game against Memphis. Then he rushed back so that he could join a team that had a chance to go win. And all if their best player happened to win a play. But he didn't wanna play out. Did you know that Tony Parker tore his quad rush back and he ended up in Charlotte? Doing all that it showed you where their loyalty live Tony Parker. We appreciate your service, but you offer him a deal one hundred more money. No, no, no. He wanted more playing time. They say John tamer, any Bill, the okay so, so what was the purpose of the Russian we're getting off subject, because the subject is he took on the Spurs, and now he's taken on. You wanna talk about that's man get get a mandate skill there. Give them. What are they going to do with the low digits wanna hold it? So you can't have it. No, it's a contract is a contract. I will bet you Nike prevails here. Wanna bet I'm gonna take the clo-. We'll take the call. We'll take the clo clo e one for one. You're betting for the claw, because you're betting against me. Have you noticed here? The man came with it. Okay. Good. But he sold it to Nike when. Do you sell anything tonight? He's so maybe his lightness day, maybe he's okay. I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna become a endorse. The I'm gonna wear this you. Yeah. And move in ways now, he's got a new balance shoot right to weigh way. Well, he way the other night they'll do this. He pan he wanna put he wanna put the claw on the bottom of the shoe. He wanted to t shirts and merchandise with that on it. I'm tired of listening to you, but I wanna hear lavar ball. Yes. The one and only here. Magic Ron welcome. And of course, as always with him so much more. Our next guest is the always honest, and always outspoken father of Lonzo ball. You can see him in teasing for a ball on the family on Facebook, watch lavar ball skip. It's been waiting for this morning. Welcome back. Last time you were here. Yes. You made a shocking statement about Magic Johnson that dropped all of our jaws. And guess what? You were right. Roll that tape. Why didn't magic intervene? That's what I'm saying because I think is, is from my point of view now. Listen to stuff like that. He's just a face. I'll be his say. So it was like, say so really I know it's not because he told me some things, and I thought that should have been done nothing who is in charge. I'm trying to figure out who's in charge. That's why the system is crumbling down for. I don't know what's going on over. There is just an HR Jeanie Buss. She just some stuff that she says she's the one who told magic to, to get Lonzo..

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