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Hurry up with that. Vaccine way did assume call. And then we had a drive. Fight. Pick up Thanksgiving by our son Ricky and his wife, Saira. Oh, that's a good idea. Yeah. Well, here's the item number three was a Joe Man Montana 1981 tops Rookie number 2 16 P s a nine soul for 1700, so that won't be in it. Jon Drummond. What do you want me to pick a number one before 181 to 8. I'm girl knew Marino number one number one is a babe Ruth 1929 are 3 16 Cash in publications card. I don't see that very often. P s a six. Sold for $2200. So that won't be in which ended Iowa higher. Tyler, you're in when I'm the big day for Eric, I think if you win this, Tyler, you gotta split it with you. I don't know. I think he's carried most of the weight this year, but I will pick number five number five. That is 1959 taps Football Selo pack With an off center Jim Brown and front P s a seven pack sold for $1800 and now events, the leader and the favorite going in Uh, let's go. Let's get rid of number eight. Number eight is Liu L. Sindoor 1969 70 tops rookie card. Number 25 P ECE seven sold for $3700. That would have been that would have been the best. That's an end for you guys, okay? Now. Here we go. We've got four items left. We've got Time. Seaver 1967 tops Rookie number 5 81 And Tyler, can you play a little music? A little, A little background music here. We gotta have the background music of price is right for for this, okay? Tom Seaver, 1967 tops Rookie number 5 81 P ECE eight second Item Tom Brady 2000 Fleer Metal Rookie card number to 67 P s A 13th item 1986 clear basketball. That's the Jordan rookie. Pack unopened waxed Pack pair both PS A seven and the last 1 1980 81 tops Bird Magic rookie card. He has say eight. So Nancy Huggins. Which one will you peg? Well, this is really a tough one. Um, I think I'll go with the 86 were basketball. Jordan. Okay, The two packs the unopened pack there. Nothing past. All right. Very good. Next is Jon Drummond. I'm going Go, baby I'm gonna with Tommy Schieber 1967 Rookie card that Tom Seaver 1967 tops. Rookie P ece eight, right, Tyler? What's your pick? I'll go with Brady Card. Tom Brady 2000. Clear metal Rookie goes to Tyler, and that leads vents. Well, um What's the score?.

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