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Teeth that she had dipped in gold and placed on a gold necklace that's amazing yellow love metcalfe i barely was liberties really like giving each other their body parts and brown handjelici yovani it may end the blood vials with billy bob thornton oh yes to give more the laura wanted to tooth necklace like actual human to necklace of the listen if you're out there and against either moves in mere jim different call myself yeah i mean dip if you didn't gold formula it's great so i can do was i just really angry that the three years away when they took him out yes number one in 1997 kate moss got out of rehab and her boyfriend at the time johnny depp wanted to give her a congratulations present so he gave her a twenty by twenty foot diamond encrusted mirror and he said the mirror was so she could quote face herself without fear an officer of damon's yang ed johnny depp has had any money problems says no not hotel obviously studied this but he really smart might mixed the best decision the earth monet and an honorable mention to this list it's not a hollywood celebrity but in sniping seventy six while president gerald ford was in the white house appoint scout group from kentucky sent him a present to celebrate america's bicentennial okay it was a threefoot sculpture of a bald eagle made out of empty beer cans let me boy scout leader yeah here is writing that true here so dear old beer cans makes up about on the gaza regal scouts fifteen years old now it's high time you drink what we're going to do is i'm going to get real drug around the camp and they're going to make statue of bald eagle out those beer cans ascended to the president i will say duffy in may be says america more than what that is really really only of that eagles on the gun and then that is all america right there it was actually temporarily featured in.

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