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He had to track back sometimes where he wasn't expecting to. And they were able to create some overload in on both sides with the outside backs. So i i think that lack of partnerships was really difficult. So when you change to me when you change both outside backs you can't change both One of the centrebacks. I think you have to keep. And there's certain guys. I think this roster where miles robinson would count as one of them and i don't have. I'm not privy to the conversations. They've had about where they're at physically if you can tell me that robinson and it's not as no disrespect to the to the centre backs that are out there but for me if you can keep your to centreback pairings at all and they have any continuity you try and do that i would say same thing where yunus mussa if you can play him with adams where they played in the first match maybe something a little bit more out of mussa in that one even when you look at the wingers and the striker position just to create some type of partnerships. And i think on the wing play in this specifically They never saw any kind of real relationship. Forming between the wingers and the outside backs. And then i would even add between the outside backs centrebacks. So i'm gonna like i agree with you is disconnected. But i'm gonna push back on that because the one thing we saw from the first phase of games as teams that didn't rotate got annihilated at the third game including especially honduras. Obviously but mexico's struggled in that third game because totta didn't really rotate a bunch rotated today wall and he. Yeah but like i. I get what you're saying gala in part of me agrees with you but the other thing to remember is that this is an important game. It's more important to have miles robinson. Anne tyler adams and anthony robinson and searching dust healthy and ready and good to go for the game because if you win your.

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