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This report is sponsored by Compassion International. Staying Connected Continues with 1061 FM Talk Two weeks ago today a man was shot and killed and carry the town's first homicide of the year. Now and arrest Nicholas names of Raleigh is behind bars. Investigators allege names shot and killed Self of Ellen Jerious He was out for a walk his body found in the Somerset community. August 27th. In the announcement last night, Police also implicated names in the death of Bobby Lucas. He was shot and killed outside apartments on bland road in Raleigh. No motive has been released in either case. There's also been an arrest in the case of a hit and run involving a child in high point, Kierra. Dockery turned herself in Wednesday, a tip to Crimestoppers led police to finding her car. Dockery's accused of hitting a 10 year old boy Tuesday morning on Willard Avenue. He's hospitalized with serious injuries. A Cleveland County nursing home is reporting the state's largest outbreak of covert 19 in a long term care facility. There have been nearly 170 confirmed cases among residents and staff and white Oak Manor in King's Mountain. 20 residents have died. WSOC TV reports the facility had managed to stay free of covert 19 until mid August. We're learning Maura about the USGS headquarters project in Pinehurst, Richard Stelling with details. The United States Golf Association is setting up an innovation hub in Pinehurst. It'll be called a Golf house Pinehurst and will act as a new equipment testing facility Museum Visitor Center and office for the Association. It will also host five U. S. Open Championships by 2047. The USGS decision.

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