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So you know if you were a big star concert revenue was out of the question because of covert last year. Well, now it's a major artist. Are finding a new way to make some big money. It's raising some eyebrows. We've got that coming up live real time traffic right now with Kevin Dean. We just play this music over and over again. Mostly cloudy today could see some Sprinkles, especially near the mountains coast Up to 65 Inland 68 the mountains 57 the deserts up to 73. Right now downtown were mostly cloudy and 60 and we found Kevin Dean who's here with our traffic. I was busy pondering exactly what rock stars are doing now to raise money. Oh, is that what was going on? Very curious. I'm going to have to stay to notify you are because that was a tease. And it was meant to keep Oh, otherwise, listen, a great driver. Other county right now, Ted, if you're coming in from south to North and 55 looking great north on the I five Balboa Garnet off Franco getting reports of a car. No, it's an intersection. That's not working right? So it's backing up onto the freeway. So it's just a big four way. Stop at the end of the thing into the ramp north on five to Balboa. South outside of the 15 right on old Highway. 3 95 another accident there. We've had a string of accidents on that 15 coming in from Temecula this morning. This accident is clearing out of the fast lane, but it's still only a 40 minute drive in from to make it all the way down through Escondido. This report is sponsored by California Community College is paying for college isn't easy, but help us here complete the faster by the Cal Grant March. 2nd deadline to be eligible for the most financial aid possible visit, stay enrolled dot com. Or your financial office or call your financial office for help brought to you by the California community Colleges. Coco's next real time Traffic update. Just 10 minutes away, Okay, news time is 6 43 pandemic is left the performance industry reeling, but music publishing is soaring. Thanks to a frenzy of high profile music catalog sales, don't many cases, The transactions have come. It's staggering price is Bob Dylan sold his full publishing catalog for around 300 million. Well, Stevie Nicks sold a majority of hers.

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