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Jamie will call last year top ten at the half way stage took about Ronnie Harris. No, having too much pressure. Well, in that loss lot Luca hall concert office. Second out of these under a second behind now, honestly, battle for fourth is long from over the battle for the lead is also starting to look a little bit over because Mason foster, he's doing just what he needs to do just with a champion. Dow's Greeley here's ride in very, very well. He's leading this race. Second-place, Johnny, Donna, still Solomon round little bit detached. Now in third, those three have been so good this year wanna joy to watch as Ben Mason foster second after the seasons faultless almost. He has really got the hammer down. It looks like he's another win coming from today. I'm well as Luca Hopkins challenging for full place out in the moments point, four, five, five behind money, how is making now way down through turns eight or nine last really increasing that pretzel Monte highest one side. Good. As always you say, ready? Come along in the last half of this season. Ballplayers place could be just war. Baluch hopkins's even close adding up to time one face enough to make a move, not quite but really, really now conning on the pressure Sullivan Mounsey so fast in straight line. And he's so could on the brakes. I saw then he might just have a late lunch. Jumping of Johnny gone is down at term one, but really Sullivan Mounsey doing a grand job down that front straight. He as any lie as well. So palace away ratio in east favor over Johnny Don running a laughing a bit ago. I should point out further down the field. We all saw a few more battles about open now, seeing Gregg, Marshall lead Jada Hal Jada, how who's just taken tenth from Jamie woodcock and Kate, Kate, and pay. Those four are really going to these lost two laps, Gregg. Marshall, of course, coming up into the icy forty pros this year has been a regular in the comedy box. Joining us for interviews and just general Coventry's been brilliant. All the rod is up this year from the AC forty pros, and I'm sure they'll come again later on today, but out front Mason foster. I think he's just dumb enough. There's no way to Johnny honesty's close enough at the moment half up to go in the midfield section. Coming up into mall, turn six. Now Mason foster negotiates it safely. Donegal has got the better and the beating. Aww, Sullivan Mounsey coming after seven now shabas to eight then into turned nine hooky round long long, and the show bust Mason foster is gonna. Do a hat trick here. Walling unbelievable achievement Mason foster tixx away joining gun is second Sullivan Mounsey completes, hey, season with another podium one, two and three. Just like they are championship. False place comes to Luca Hopkins. So forty one Luca Hawkins dot the better Ronnie Harrison held it as well. So brilliant stuff there. Eastern sparks should be six hair becomes the number sixty. Two sparked through. He comes McKay. He's on cost for seventh place, but no doubt your race when Mason foster ahead of Johnny Gonesse and Sullivan Mounsey not round off what has got severe one of the best seasons.

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