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I mean it's also an area that's basically on tactics. There's nothing out there. Fortunately right now. So you're you're braving new ground bless you for that some great work recently. That's come out. I mean black. Panthers probably the most popular example. I'm a big fan of nettie work. I'm not sure if you're familiar with her she has A novel called. Who fears death and i just recently. A story called remote control so mom yet. You're you're definitely right that There's not that many popular works. But there's some really good stuff in the genre that our team and i have kind of explored as we as we started developing this project. There's more sifi taught so stay tuned back on sci-fi telecom tony talaat and let's talk about your team i mean you're this is obviously diversity rich which is awesome but you also have diverse teams. Well talk about them. And how the economies of joint hewitt heart heart-shaped games. Yeah absolutely. I mean this. This is definitely not a story. I tell myself in. The experiences of people in our team have really informed and help make something is unique. That i don't think a lot of people have seen So i mentioned before resolve your nelson. Junior is an award winning writer work on a number of Game titles and Kind of wrote the entire story and helped develop the world. Anthony jones had mentioned ravine wanna Was our mission Designer gimme of an extended team all over the world. We are on you afford. The pandemic are calling cards of your remote team. But now we're just kind of one of one of the The many companies doing that. So where we've been lucky to have people in australia. And and you know many other parts of the world on the team. Yeah i even the state texas. You're michigan. I mean you're it's it's the only way things could work nowadays. Thank god for technology there. You can talk to each other like this show each other drawings and things like using you know this zoom technology which is.

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