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And I'm starting to kind of see the writing on the wall trying to put together and piece together a solid plan of action. So that I can do the things I love with fitness for the long-term. Yeah. I don't wanna be that guy in my in my fifties. Who aesthetically looks like I'm in P condition, but internally your mess on a mess. I don't wanna have you know, hip replacement knee replacement show replace on. I don't want to have those surgeries in my fifties. They'll thank you. I mean, I feel so much better. So much better. I did just because I was thinking view and coming here and getting some time together and stuff I put myself through a very basic Kibble workout the other day and kind of just takes me back like five years when I was all my workouts about based because I was training for my ARCHE, see. And so it was very like intentional workouts were all like complexes. And I mean, I kill Bill in my hand every day for like a six month period. And it's it is an unbelievable strength tool. To it's humbling is it's it gets you. I get a little nervous sometimes like before certain exercise sounds weird people listening when you talk about it's like, I have a respect I think for kettle bell. But I don't wanna scare way anybody who's maybe beginner level who has very little experience with a catalog because you can go with very lightweight to start. And to you know, you gotta get your your hip pain's, and you've got to be able to do a dead lift with it. And you're a swing and you've got to start with foundational movement. I, but as you build up, I mean, I it's so gratifying it's gratifying full body high-calorie right type workout, and you can use so much in such a small period of time and you're exhausted. It's I mean, you really can't accomplish every aspect. Of finis, your aerobic anaerobic like across the board. You can improve so many different modalities of fitness with just one implement an at no you say, it's it can be intimidating for someone that is new to it. But it can also be very exciting. And there's a much like any other implement that you lift with there's a natural progression. There's a natural progression. Obviously just just like human movement. You got to get a learn to to crawl before you walk yeller to walk before you run, right? It's the same with with barbell movements Domo movements in obviously cattle movement. So if someone's a beginner if they lacked the strength or the coordination to do some of the more complex movements. Obviously, you're not going to to throw them to the wolves gonna throw the kitchen sink at them with the most complica-. Dated movements that any keto. Bill practitioner would do. No, you're going to start them on the simple things and you're going to build them up. But there are very quick and simple progressions that will if you're dedicated to what you're doing on. We'll I'll you to get to where you can do those more complex complicated movements and do them with ease. Yeah. So you've put together a cat about conditioning program consisting of several different phases. Right and lots of different workouts..

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