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That's a very tough. Different start. Yeah. Especially this Saturday afternoon. I'm going over there. Iran said I can see Tom Ricketts. Theo Joe Madden. Jed now the boys. Cub fans who have you lost confidence in Mr. Richards. Mr. Epstein, Mr. Madden. I love them all three three two three seven seven six. That's tough. How about one more White Sox poll question there? All right. So SOX fans who do you want? Okay. Aim and Machado Austin legis column. Manny macho. All right. Manny macho macho man savage, Bryce, Harper RIP. Ordine either Machado Harper both earn either vote now three three two three seven seven six are at ESPN one thousand I seem to be the only person on the face of the earth that doesn't want Bryce Harper my team. I don't care. What team it is? I don't want my team. I don't think he's going to help you Tom Ricketts who apparently. Yeah. I don't think he's going to help you everybody. Tell tell me all the numbers I heard carbon this week without. Call the numbers about how he's all ready to burst out his prime years and all that stuff. Three years JT real mudo has been better than Bryce Harper. So here it until rice Harper has another good year. So no Carmen, you're from Cicero. I'm from Cicero. Much. They believe in. Let's say. Right there. So. Township high school. Yeah. Now, he's not that area. But he grew up in borough. A it was born in Berwick area. So yeah, he knows where Freddie's is right there at sixteenth, right? Best Italian place in the area patron Saint of twenty second street, Saint Paul federal there you go. Oh. Jackie wouldn't get right over my head. Four black span. Robots? There were about seven savings and loans people save their money and ski said. My friends central federal Olympic savings. No. All all kinds of places. All right. Give me some cubs. Mir's? Allen talk a little bit about the cubs. Fred..

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