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Michael in Della E. Don't know what it is about that. Voice. It just doesn't take its great exactly written. It's accurate. Yeah, I guess that's what it is Okay to the parade today, Mitch. That was great power. No, I didn't say that about boat. And I go to YouTube. Where do you get it? Tom Brady had a little too much, but I think at the end of the boat ride, they had help him off the boat. Good. That right And yeah, and he throws the trophy from one boat to another toe. Grok was on another boat. And if it misses how did you think those waters in that in that river or lake wherever they read, it would have to go 20 trials. You two head. Whatever room there on. It's just It was crazy. When the Charles River route I would have been a Charles Boston. I No kidding. Oh, my God. Wait, wait. Whatever they were all just shoot me now. Probably the bay. Maybe the pillow, but my butt didn't drop. What you're saying the only rock Carter's Grant caught it, But I'm just saying that Mrs Man, we have any sound of that. No, there's no if people taking it from the shore, Whatever videos of you have to go. We have videos. I'm trying Put it on the base. Okay, But at the end of the boat, they have to help. Time off. Time was a little. They said Maybe it was being seasick. But I think it was a slow. Yeah, you can. Little bad. Give me a little seasick and come, you know, his blood's got to be 100% on all that stuff. He takes you on a year, Probably over here with beer. We're probably knocking about that severe, Probably by the way, Speaking of Tom Brady, and we're gonna play that Mary Wilson cut that we have for you from an interview we did with her not too long ago, just a minute, but I don't know if you saw this, but Robert Orry who played in the NBA for a bunch of teams, six shot, Bob, uh, tweeted out that he was welcoming. Tom Brady to the seven ship Club ship being the short words that I first heard, Rasheed Wallace say for championship, the seven chip club. After Grady has now won seven Super Bowls, and Robert Horry points out that he's won. Seven NBA titles. Too, with Houston. Three with the L, A Lakers and two with the San Antonio Spurs. So He kind of liking himself. They both had super or Spiderman outfits on in his little tweet, and he's like pointing at him and he's got Robert or he's got all of his trophies. And then Brady's got his trophies. And of course, people jumped all over him and said You're not on the same level, buddy. You're good, and he took offense to it. And and and he starts writing. You know this whole big defense about how he deserves to be justice considered Justus much, You know, a great seven time championship guys. Tom Brady. He writes. A part of you gets mad because I don't think people outside the MBA family and when I say MBA, I'm saying coaches and players and by the way, no, no good ever comes from a sentence that begins that way. People outside of the embassy family. It's always bad, they don't really respect. Couldn't believe there's a word like respect being used. I haven't ever heard that word used in sports. They don't really respect what I did. And they don't really understand what I did and what I was able to accomplish. It's always Oh, he was a part. Oh, he was a part. Yeah, I was a part, but I was a significant part. You can't have Kool Aid without sugar. And I was the sugar to most of that stuff. I see. Okay. May I also say to you, Robert, that you can't have Kool Aid without cooling and Tom Brady was the actually the cool Late. If you were the sugar, you can find a sugar substitute, But you can't make Kool Aid without actual cooling. I was the craft the cocaine. Yeah. Somebody throws him the ball out of the top of the key, and he hits a shot. And then suddenly he's Tom Brady. Okay. Did you just go get loaded on the boat? It seems to be all the rage didn't come off the bench most of his career. Yeah, the last half when he won the title. He was always a nice guy business. The contributor, though you are, I was absolutely a contributor. But he's not the same know Tom Brady to his sport. I didn't gain plant run. James can make that kind of thing. You know, we have a rabbit or a, you know real Jackson. Forget Kobe a shit. We gotta get Robert Horry for bringing Grandma wants to be called Kurt King Kurt now, so soon? Yeah. There were a lot of guys who played on the Celtics, who won more than seven titles and, you know, seeing Tommy Heights and not, but yeah, I'm not talking about Bill. It can make the claim that he's up there with Joe Studio, but they're a bunch of other guys sat Sanders and some of those other guys, Sam Jones. So during a time out, all right, forget and who's gonna be garden worry. We gotta talk about weight. So we were. We were so saddened by the news of Mary Wilson's passing, of course, one of the original Supremes back when they were the primates. 1959. She was one of the one of the three Andre We had a chance to talk with her on our program, little ways back, and we thought we'd share a little bit of that with you right here. So much shit. Come on, boy. See our next guest? No stranger if you grew up in Detroit grew.

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