Donald Trump indicted; expected to surrender next week


Former president Donald Trump has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury. The charges in the indictment against Donald Trump remain under seal, but stem from the investigation into hush money pay to porn actor stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign. The Manhattan district attorney's office says prosecutors have reached out to coordinate a surrender, while defense attorney Joseph tacopina, says Trump is likely to turn himself in on Tuesday, nima Romani is a former federal prosecutor. He's going to be fingerprinted and have this mugshot taken, but Secret Service will escort him to New York court, while he'll make his first appearance. His attorneys will plead not guilty, and he will be released on his own recognizance. Sources told The Associated Press, Trump's lawyers claim the Secret Service needs more time to make security preparations. Reaction to the indictment came swiftly on social media Trump said corrupt Democrat prosecutors from Democrat run cities are not going to choose the Republican nominee or the next president. Jennifer King, Washington

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