Can President Trump Even Get a Fair Trial?


And now it's of course been assigned to another judge in New York that is also an anti trumper. If this ever gets to trial, which I don't believe it actually will, can Donald Trump get a fair trial. A jury of his peers in a community that voted about 85% against him. The bluest of the blue in Manhattan? With a partisan DA, a partisan judge and a partisan jury. The problem that Republicans have when trials get brought in Washington, D.C.'s, you've got a 90, 95% Democrat area. Judging people that they already despise. That's really what you have with Trump. This will never go to trial. First of all, you have serious serious statute of limitations issues. You got a two year statute of limitations on this, the state case, and the federal case again has been pushed aside by federal authorities as not valid or not sufficient to get a conviction. Again, Trump didn't even get fined. Hillary Clinton got fine, she didn't get prosecuted, but she got fined for almost the exact same thing that Trump is being prosecuted for. And yet the mainstream media is going Gaga over how great this is. The nitwits on the view are just kind of cataclysmic in their joy and orgasmic in their love of the fact that Trump's been indicted. Again there are going to be a lot of motions. The state court doesn't have jurisdiction. In Tennessee, for example, where we're broadcasting from Memphis, the district attorney in Memphis can't file a case prosecuting the violation of a law in Montana. Different jurisdictions. Same thing is true with state and federal, city, and federal, city, and state laws. And you've got this DA who ran as a source funded candidate, pushing forward to prosecute Donald Trump.

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